A Sky Sports presenter has been slammed online for suggesting Irish players ‘need to be educated’ after the viral IRA chanting fiasco

A SKY SPORTS news REPORTER has come under heavy criticism online for asking one of the Irish players ‘if he needs any education’ after a video emerged of the women’s team singing a IRA pro song after qualifying for her first World Cup.

Ireland beat Scotland 1-0 in Glasgow last night to seal their place in next year’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

The jubilant Irish team were filmed and photographed after the final whistle. One clip that went viral was the team singing along to the famous pro IRA chant “oh ah up the ra”, which is a popular nod to the old Wolfe Tones classic.

The FAI (Football Association of Ireland), Vera Pauw and team members apologized for the offensive chant via a statement shortly after the clip went viral

“The Football Association of Ireland and Republic of Ireland Women’s National Team manager Vera Pauw apologize for any offense caused by a song sung by players in the Irish dressing room following the victory of the FIFA Women’s World Cup qualifying play-off against Scotland at Hampden Park on Tuesday evening,” an FAI statement said.

ISP Statement

Irish player Chloe Mustaki, who was a vital member of the Irish squad, appeared on Sky Sports News with presenter Rob Wotton.

Wotton first asked the Irish player if she wanted to apologize for her actions. Mustaki agreed and said “sorry”

“Yeah, absolutely, listen, we’re all really sorry here in Dublin,” Mustaki said.

“It was obviously a huge misjudgment on our side, you know, there was a lot going on at the final whistle and we absolutely didn’t want to do any harm on our side, so we really, absolutely apologize for that. “

Wotton’s next question irritated a number of people online. He said, “Does that highlight the need for education on issues like this? Is that something you would be for?”

Mustaki replied, “I don’t really think so. I think we have to learn in these times to be better and to do better.

“You know, we were all brought up knowing a lot of Irish history.

“So we just have to be better at times like this, and we absolutely recognize that from our end.

A number of people took issue with the presenter’s comments regarding his line of questions.

One Twitter user said: “An English journalist asks an Irish woman if the national party should be educated on Irish history. The island of Ireland has a smaller population TODAY than there is 180 years Yes, really How many English journalists are “educated” to know why?

While another said: “Does this highlight the need for education on these issues? asks the presenter of the country that does not teach children in school about their centuries of diabolical colonial history. The irony is hilarious”

And another said: ‘An Englishman asking an Irish woman if she needs to be educated in Irish history has got to be one of the most ironic things ever.’

Ireland coach Vera Pauw, in the same FAI statement released to the press, said: “We apologize from the bottom of our hearts to anyone who was offended by the content of the post-match celebrations as we had just qualified for the World Cup.”

“We will review this with the players and remind them of their responsibilities in this regard. I spoke with players this morning and we are collectively sorry for any injuries caused, there is no excuse for this.”

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