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All Oldies Radio plans to launch on digital DAB radio in Herts, Beds & Bucks in September 2021.

Director Russ Dee said today: “We’ve been keen to move AOR to DAB for some time, now the timing is perfect.

“We bring local radio back to Herts, Beds & Bucks. This is the radio that our 40-plus-year-old demographic grew up with and misses so much. We have already proven that our unique Classic Hits music format is a winner and now is the time to bring the local flavor with it. From local news to traffic and travel, all that’s missing is the eye in the sky!

“This is not a tribute resort, we have our own identity and will be in the Herts, Bed & Bucks area as much as possible.

“We will be the perfect choice for local businesses that cannot afford to advertise with major national radio brands. We can be flexible with what we can offer. We’ll always be the All Oldies radio our listeners love, just with a Herts, Bed & Bucks flavor. “

The presenters are Rob Charles, Phil Fothergill (Fothers), John Daly, Steve Hyland, Lynsey Dolan and Tony Lloyd.

President Phil Fothergill said: “It’s like the good old days and it’s great to be back on the air at my favorite playground since I said goodbye in 1988 to work on TV. .

“You will love All Oldies Radio with the return of the appropriate local commercial radio to this area.

“Truly local of a great team of fun people who know and live in the area where YOU live.”

Director Tony Lloyd added, “I’m delighted to be back on the air at Herts, Beds & Bucks! Some may remember me on Chiltern Radio in Bedford and Luton, Horizon Radio in Milton Keynes and Northants 96. Plus SuperGold everywhere!

“It’s very exciting to connect again with listeners from all three counties. I can not wait! “

Director Lynsey Dolan commented: “We have worked very hard to reach our goal of launching on DAB and we are so grateful that we are finally here. We look forward to chatting and entertaining our audience in true AOR HBB style. “

Finally, Director Paul Gray said: “Exciting news, All Oldies Radio on DAB through Herts, Beds & Bucks. I have spent the last 50 years spinning my 45 years in this business, from the California Ballroom to Dunstable and other local clubs, then getting on the radio with my Soul Stew show. Our presenters know the area very well. It will really be local radio. “

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