Auction of US Premier League TV rights: “Nine-year $ 3 billion deal is possible” – The Athletic

When NBC outbid ESPN and Fox for the right to broadcast Premier League games in the United States in October 2012, it publicized its coverage with an old joke: Americans know nothing about football.

Ted Lasso, the hapless but endearing fish out of the water pictured above, was the vehicle for this joke, and the good news is people are still laughing – right down to the shore, in fact. Apple has turned those viral videos into an Emmy-winning hit series, while the Premier League has just sold Apple the rights to use the match and league marks in the show’s third season.

But the premise of the original joke has blunted: Americans now know a lot about football, especially English football.

And that’s why the ongoing auction for US broadcast rights is no joke for NBC, its rivals, or the Premier League.

What was a $ 250m (£ 180m) kick in 2012 will likely be an investment of at least $ 2bn (£ 1.46bn) in 2021, maybe more, increasing the budget of each Premier League club by at least £ 10. million next season.

The calls for tenders have been sent out and the sealed offers are due in early November. The league doesn’t expect to run out of offers.

How much are US rights worth now?

Around £ 150million per season.

NBC became the home of Premier League football in the United States when it paid $ 250million (£ 180million) for the exclusive live rights to 380 games per season between 2013 and 2016.

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