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If there ever was a time for big ideas, this is it.

A country emerging from a pandemic. A fuel supply crisis leading to queues at the pump. An economy with an unprecedented number of vacancies, but a shortage of skilled workers to fill them.

On Tuesday, October 12, Sky News will launch the first in a series of in-person events – Big Ideas Live – bringing together Sky News scholars, key stakeholders and regional communities to discuss pressing issues of our time.

The first event will focus on business and economy, exploring how to boost the UK and prepare the country for the challenges ahead.

What jobs will be created, post pandemic, in which industries and where in the country? And with over a million vacancies – who will?

As the world prepares for the COP 26 climate conference, how can established businesses rebuild green and new businesses challenge them? Is there an inevitable tension between prioritizing the environment and the bottom line? And what can world leaders meeting in Glasgow do to support green growth?

The event will take place in the former Templeborough steelworks in Rotherham, a symbol of South Yorkshire’s industrial heritage.

Aerial view of the Magna Science Adventure Center at the former Templeborough Steelworks in Rotherham

Can regions of the country deploy people’s pride in their identity and history to stimulate economic growth? If so, what areas can the North benefit from after the pandemic, and what does the government’s “leveling” agenda need to bring to the ground?

Big Ideas Live will bring together business and economics experts from Sky News, as well as some of the main players in UK business.

Ed Conway, editor of economics and data, business presenter Ian King and presenters Trevor Phillips and Samantha Washington will host panels and interviews.

Guests include former Bank of England Governor Mark Carney, Siemens UK Managing Director Carl Ennis, UK Managing Director of Arla Foods, Ash Amirahmadi, climate activist and former Sheffield Mayor Magid Magid and CEO of Smart Green Shipping Alliance Diane Gilpin.

The panels will build on the work of Sky’s data journalism team, exploring the story the data tells us about how the UK is restarting.

For the first event, there will also be an invited audience of regional economic players.

Their big ideas will be broadcast on Sky News on TV, the web, apps and social media. Follow updates and submit questions to panels on #BigIdeasLive.

Tickets for future Big Ideas Live events will be available to the general public.

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