BT, EE, Sky, Three, TalkTalk and Vodafone on mobile and broadband price hikes

As the cost of living increases in 2022 with the most recent announcement that gas prices will rise by up to 50%, households will also likely see an increase in their phone and internet bills this year.

Consumer price index inflation rates for December last year jumped 5.4% – its highest rate in 30 years – with another rise expected throughout the year .

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Some mobile and Internet service providers adjust their prices according to the retail price index (RPI) – currently 7.5% – which differs slightly from the CPI.

Due to rising inflation, phone and internet charges are likely to rise for many soon, with providers notifying their customers of the bill increases.

In fact, BT recently announced that customers could face increases of up to 9% from the end of March.

Meanwhile, other providers have hinted at similar increases in monthly phone and internet bills.

Here’s what the UK’s most rumored providers are saying about upcoming rises in phone and internet bills for 2022 when approached by the Manchester Evening News.

LV and EE

BT announced an increase of more than nine percent

BT has already announced a price increase of more than 9% for most of its customers from the end of March.

The telecoms giant said those affected will end up paying an extra £3.50 a month – or £42 a year – on phone and broadband bills.

Despite this, financially vulnerable households and those on certain packages such as BT Home Essentials and BT Basic will be exempt from the price hike.

A BT spokesperson told MEN they had been upfront about their price changes to customers when they agreed to their contracts.

“As the use of our networks continues to increase and our customers rely on us more than ever for connectivity, it is crucial that we continue to invest in our networks, our services and the latest technologies,” they said. declared.

“So, and in line with our terms, our prices for existing customers will increase from March 31, with a similar increase also being introduced for new customers.

“We remain committed to supporting customers on low incomes or facing financial hardship, and will therefore be freezing prices for our financially vulnerable customers.”

The telecom giant also notes that since 2019, EE customers have used 79% more data while BT broadband usage has increased by 90%.


Sky has yet to announce its price increases, but they are not likely to be linked to inflation

Unlike many other mobile and internet service providers, Sky and Sky Broadband do not generally adjust their prices directly for inflation.

While the company hasn’t announced how much the fee will be increased in 2022, it noted that customers are always notified of any price changes before they’re implemented.

The broadband provider also noted that it is working to keep prices as low as possible for customers.

When contacted by the MEN, Sky declined to comment on any price increases for 2022.


Three adjust its prices with the CPI plus a fixed rate

Three has confirmed that its prices will increase by 4.5% in line with their annual fixed increases which will be put in place in April.

The mobile provider also stressed that customers will not have to rely on a retail price index or a “fluctuating” CPI rate to understand the cost of contracts when signing.

A spokesperson for Three told MEN: “Like other mobile providers, our paid monthly plans are subject to an annual price change. We are implementing a fixed percentage of annual increase of 4.5%, which will be applied in April.

“We believe that certainty and transparency are integral to an exceptional customer experience. With a fixed price change versus the variable and unpredictable increases applied by other MNOs, clients won’t have to rely on a fluctuating RPI or CPI rate to clearly understand the total cost of their contract.

“Our network is key to providing the best possible service and product range, and we need to invest more to achieve this. We’re investing £2+ billion in the UK’s fastest 5G network to ensure we have a strong network that can deliver better connectivity, every day, for every customer.

speak speak

TalkTalk generally raises its prices based on the CPI plus a flat rate

TalkTalk has yet to announce how much its prices will increase in 2022.

Despite this, the supplier has indicated that it will take into account the situation of its “most vulnerable customers” when adjusting its prices which will come into effect in April.

Typically, TalkTalk increases its prices annually by 9.1%, which is the CPI increase plus a flat rate of 3.9%.

TalkTalk said: Our annual price increase does not take effect until April. Any changes will of course take into account our most vulnerable customers.

“We are still working out the details and will let customers know in March.”


Vodafone announced price increase in line with CPI plus fixed rate

Vodafone has announced that its home broadband plan will increase based on the December CPI rate plus a flat rate of 3.9% for customers who started a plan from February 2, 2021.

Those who signed up before then will see a price increase based on the RPI rate which will be published in March this year – the average monthly price increase for Vodafone broadband customers will be £2.44.

A Vodafone spokesperson told MEN: “We know no one wants to see prices rise, but these reflect the rising costs we continue to face to run our network and deliver our services.

“Like many other industries, we face rising energy, personnel, logistics and transportation costs, as well as regulatory costs.

“These price increases are essential for us to maintain investments in our network and services as the costs we face continue to rise.”

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