Chelsea sale deadline ‘extended with four bidders given more time to submit final offers’

Chelsea’s sale deadline ‘is extended until the end of next week’ with four bidders looking to buy the Premier League club ‘with extra time to submit their final offers’… but further delays could shatter the deal Thomas Tuchel’s team

  • Chelsea Football Club sale deadline reportedly extended
  • Four bidders looking to buy the club now have until the end of next week to submit offers
  • The tender process is supervised by the American bank Raine Group
  • And further delays could have ramifications for Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea squad

The four bidders looking to buy Chelsea Football Club have reportedly been given extra time to submit their final bids to buy the Premier League side.

The original deadline for shortlisted bidders to make enhanced bids was set for Monday, but Sky News reports it has now been pushed back “by a small number of days”.

Sky News claims the four potential buyers were told shortly after Chelsea’s 3-1 loss to Real Madrid on Wednesday that they would be expected to submit binding takeover proposals towards the end of next week.

One of the four bidders told Sky, while remaining anonymous, that he expects a final recommendation for the new owners to be presented to the government by US bank The Raine Group in May.

The bidding process is being overseen by Raine, the merchant bank appointed by Roman Abramovich to find buyers before its assets are frozen by British government sanctions in response to Ukraine’s invasion of Ukraine. Russia.

Sky also reports that a source from the Raine Group has claimed the extension has been postponed until the end of next week to “give them a full and fair opportunity to properly finalize the details of their proposals”.

Raine Group is also reportedly awaiting Premier League clearance before presenting a preferred buyer to the UK government.

Chelsea Football Club’s sale deadline has reportedly been extended by a few days

Fresh controversy rocked Chelsea’s bidding process earlier this month when ministers were asked to ban the shortlisted bid made by Bain Capital co-chairman Stephen Pagliuca.

Most of those shortlisted bids are known, with the Ricketts family and a consortium led by Sir Martin Broughton also in the running. Both of these offers have been hit with controversy, with fans already protesting the Ricketts family’s involvement due to Joe Ricketts’ past racist remarks in an email.

Sir Martin Broughton’s candidacy has also been criticized by Burma Campaign UK for his involvement with British American Tobacco and their relationship with the Burmese military.

And sports mail revealed last month that LA Dodgers owner Todd Boehly, another top contender, still owns a £120m stake in a betting company that still operates in Russia.

Four bidders looking to buy the Premier League club have until the end of next week to submit offers

Four bidders looking to buy the Premier League club have until the end of next week to submit offers

But as one of the most hotly contested sports auctions in history is extended, there could still be more ramifications for Thomas Tuchel’s side.

Uncertainty over who will stay and who will leave Chelsea this summer weighs on the club, the more the takeover weighs on the club.

Chelsea are unable to sign a new player contract following the current sanctions imposed on Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, which means a number of first-team players could leave at the end of the season. .

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel spoke earlier this month about the potential departures of some players, including captain Cesar Azpilicueta, Andreas Christensen and Antonio Rudiger.

Tuchel revealed he was delighted Azpilicueta triggered a one-year contract extension clause but remained uncertain the 32-year-old would actually stay.

After a decade of service, some people at the club are ready to grant his wish at Azpilicueta if he wants to leave. There is interest from Barcelona and he may think it’s the right time for his family to return to Spain.

And further takeover delays could have ramifications for Thomas Tuchel's Chelsea squad

And further takeover delays could have ramifications for Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea squad

“Winning all the titles and having this change of ownership, it might feel like the end of the story for him here,” Tuchel said in early April. “But it doesn’t have to be like that. We have the contract now, we can count on him and make him stay.

Christensen looks ready for Barcelona when his contract expires in June. “We heard the same rumours,” smiled the Chelsea head coach.

Rudiger is also nearing the end of his contract, unable to sign a new deal until the club is sold, and his agent has also been scouted at Barcelona.

“I would try to meet him if I was at another club,” Tuchel said. “He’s still our player. We still think there’s a good chance he’ll stay once things are resolved.

“At the moment our hands are tied. Fair enough if it’s true that he listens to other offers, but I remain confident.

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