Cristiano Ronaldo’s Man Utd return to top Premier League debut season, says Gary Neville | Football news

Gary Neville explains why this Premier League season is shaping up to be the best ever, Cristiano Ronaldo’s instant impact at Manchester United, compared Thiago’s performance for Liverpool at Leeds as “Paul Scholes” and said predicts Chelsea will be hard to stop this season.

Speaking on the Gary Neville Podcast Following Liverpool’s 3-0 win over Leeds, the Sky Sports expert explained why this season’s Premier League season could be the best in terms of quality and his first thoughts on the title race.

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Neville on … the quality of the Premier League

“In the first half of the Leeds game I sat down and was amazed by the speed, the quality and the atmosphere. We always tend to look back and say there were more tackles in the ’80s and’ 90s was more real, standing on the terraces. But what I saw in the first four weeks of this season, takes a few hits in terms of quality. It’s as good as I get. have seen. We congratulated the players for being brilliant through Covid last season in difficult times and all the fans have to watch frustratingly at home. It was hopeless at times without fans in the stadium. But it is more than made up for it at the start of this season – it’s a compelling watch. And Ronaldo’s return has put the icing on the cake. on a very good cake. “

Neville on … Cristiano Ronaldo’s fever in Manchester

“I walked into Manchester city center on Saturday morning and haven’t seen him so alive in five or 10 years. What he has done in the Premier League for interest is exciting but for the city, he’s absolutely buzzing with excitement – and that was before he even scored the two goals.

“I was in Salford and saw the news he had scored. I could only imagine what the atmosphere was like and spoke to a few people who were there and they said it was out of this world, bouncing like they had never seen him And, Salford scored in the last minute which meant it was the perfect football day. “

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Neville on … Liverpool’s title chances and chic Thiago

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WATCH FOR FREE: Highlights from Liverpool’s win over Leeds.

“Everyone is talking about Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United, Manchester City being champions and Chelsea signing Romelu Lukaku, so it all moved away from Liverpool with people wondering if this team is over the hill or has passed his best level, but it was a very good performance, they did everything they were asked to do.

“This Liverpool midfielder was perhaps not the most athletic or the most mobile – he could have faced Jordan Henderson, James Milner and Naby Keita to equal Leeds. But it was all about composure. recalled how Paul Scholes played at Anfield. There would be a frenzied spell in the game and all of a sudden there would be a little guy in the middle of the field who would step on it and there would be calm and peace. Michael Carrick could do the same. And Thiago did. the same today. Today was an example of what he was hired for. When it’s frantic and desperate, put your foot on the ball and play the pass that opens the game. He did. “


Neville on … Chelsea hard to stop

“There is a feeling about Chelsea. They keep the sheets clean, their striker is guaranteed to score, there is a good midfielder. They will be very difficult to stop. The discussion will be on Manchester. Pep Guardiola, Ronaldo but everyone knows Chelsea are serious. I watched them at Anfield and it was a real performance. It’s a brilliant Premier League. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next few months. We just have to let it develop – everyone will want to try and predict the champions so soon. Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea but Liverpool are really in it. They are really in it. “

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