Do you use BT, Sky or Virgin Media? 5 broadband tips to lower your bill

Sky, BT and Virgin Media customers have been given money-saving tips to help them lower their monthly broadband bill. The wise advice of consumer group Which? includes “simple” things anyone can do today, like changing broad and provider, which can save you almost £200 on its own. Whose advice? comes as millions of people in the UK face an unprecedented cost of living crisis that is driving up bills, petrol prices, food costs and more.

Adam French, which one? consumer rights expert, said: “Despite the cost of living crisis, many suppliers have been quick to impose price increases above inflation, leaving customers feeling the pressure. But you can take certain measures to minimize the cost of broadband and mobile bills.

“It’s worth shopping around or haggling for the best deal, especially if you’re out of contract. Which one? Research has shown that haggling with your suppliers or changing offers could save you hundreds of pounds per year.”

To help deal with the cost of living crisis, Which one? will be offering money-saving tips every Monday that will cover a range of topics from cutting bills to saving on childcare and travel costs.

Here are some of the latest tips from Which? on how to lower your broadband bills…

1. Change supplier at the end of your contract

If you are nearing the end of your broadband contract, you may want to switch providers.

Telecom companies such as Virgin Media offer discounted contracts to attract new customers, but after the initial contract period ends (which in Virgin Media’s case is 18 months), prices increase.

For example, Virgin Media’s M100 fiber broadband package (which offers impressive average download speeds of 108Mbps) costs £25 per month for new customers. But after the initial 18-month contract ends, that jumps to £44 a month, almost £20 a month more.

Who? explained that if you switch broadband providers, you can save up to £190 on your annual broadband bill alone. If you have a TV and broadband package, that can be over £200.

2. Try to negotiate at the end of your contract

Alternatively, if you don’t want to switch providers, you can always try haggling.

Although you may feel nervous doing this, especially if it’s your first time trying, which one? says many companies expect it.

Who? found that people who negotiated for broadband and TV contracts saved an average of £128, while those who negotiated for a broadband package alone saved an average of £85.

3. Look for free perks to join

Broadband providers sometimes offer additional freebies to entice new customers to join their service.

These types of bonuses include free wireless speakers, tablets, and TVs – which you can either sell to earn money, or these gadgets may be products you’re actually looking for, helping you save hundreds. dollars in the process.

Broadband providers also sometimes offer vouchers for large retailers like Amazon as a reward for signing up as a new customer. Good Which one? spotted are worth up to £100.

4. See if you qualify for a reduced rate

If you receive a means-tested benefit, such as universal credit, you can benefit from a reduced social rate.

These are available to help financially vulnerable customers and can save you up to £144 a year.

The typical standard broadband plan costs £27 per month, but social rates are available for as little as £15 per month.

5. Watch out for price increases in Ts and Cs

Usually, customers can terminate a contract without penalty if their supplier announces a price increase.

However, if a price increase is included in the terms and conditions of a contract, this does not apply.

If you are within the minimum period of the contract, you will unfortunately have to accept it.

Who? said price increases already announced for this year would add up to £55 to the average customer’s annual bill.

You can avoid this by switching suppliers (if you are able to terminate a contract without penalty) or by choosing a supplier with a fixed price.

Providers such as Hyperoptic, SSE, Utility Warehouse and Zen Internet all commit to keeping their prices the same for the duration of a contract.

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