Fast charge aluminum-ion battery blue sky opportunity | Graphene Manufacturing Group (GMG)

Letter from Midas

Letter from Midas

Fast charge aluminum-ion battery blue sky opportunity | Graphene Manufacturing Group (GMG)


Graphene Manufacturing Group Ltd (CVE: GMG) (OTCMKTS: GMGMF) produced a new type of battery, presenting a disruptive blue sky opportunity. A battery that does not contain the normal mining raw materials such as cobalt, nickel or lithium. GMG uses clean technology by cracking methane (natural gas) instead of extracting graphite to produce high-quality, low-cost graphene, which has environmental benefits while reducing costs. But the battery is not only environmentally friendly; It packs a punch: Charging 60 times faster than today’s lithium-ion units, it’s 80 times more powerful and lasts much longer with no cooling required.

GMG has two other income-generating products while focusing on providing its battery through its pilot program. The pilot plant is expected to be completed within the next few months, and sample parts are expected to begin shipping before the end of the year.

GMG’s air conditioning coating system, a unique method of improving the conductivity of corroded heat exchange surfaces, is advancing to significant near-term sales. Its graphene lubricant concentrates, reduces friction by forming a protective layer between metal interfaces, has big names interested in the technology.

“The drums are the least developed but it’s actually the most exciting, the one we talk about the most. Which is great because it’s nice to have this product that really has an almost unlimited market opportunity. There’s still a way to go to get to where we need to be, but it’s also very, very exciting. It’s good to have the first 2 focused on income and the third is the blue sky opportunity. – Craig Nicol, CEO of Graphene Manufacturing Group

Watch the full interview to learn more about GMG’s aluminum-ion battery, the company’s well-funded bank account, and the timing of its batteries to market.


00:00 – Craig Nicol, CEO of Graphene Manufacturing Group
00:46 – $ 10 million private placement
01:43 – Product portfolio
03:43 – Battery energy density / charge rate
05:39 – Raw materials to produce battery
06:44 – Power density
08:26 – Internet of Things (IoT)
9:30 am – Partnerships & clients
11:46 – Patented technology

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