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Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sports (DCMS) committee investigation into concussions in sport says urgent government action is needed as sport has been allowed to “mark its own homework. “.

The report called on the government to oversee the introduction of a consistent UK-wide minimal concussion protocol over the next year, mirroring the approach taken in Scotland.

He also called on the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to get more involved in sport, with committee chairman Julian Knight accusing him of “dereliction of duty” leaving sports to manage themselves. the risks.

The report recommended that HSE work with sports organizations to establish a national framework for reporting sports injuries by July 2022. Within one year, all sports should be required to report any event that could lead to brain injury. acquired.

“State protections for workers apply to footballers and jockeys as much as to minors and construction workers,” the report said.

“We are amazed that sport is left by the Health and Safety Executive to mark its own duties.”

The report admitted that no definitive causal link had been established between playing sports and dementia, but said it was “undeniable that a significant minority of people would face neurological problems at long term because of their participation in sport ”.

Knight said: “Frankly, to this day we’ve just seen freebies and it’s complete nonsense.

“We know there is a link between dementia and acquired brain damage and it sometimes happens in sports. It is more likely to happen in sports environments, so what we need to do is mitigate those risks. through appropriate advice.

“We always want people to enjoy the sport they love, but to be aware of the risk and have as many safety protocols in place as are reasonable.”

The report also accuses the football authorities of having taken too long to tackle the problem. He said the coroner’s verdict on former West Brom and England striker Jeff Astle almost 20 years ago should have prompted the Football Association to take a “stronger and more sustained interest” in the matter.

Astle’s death was attributed to an occupational disease related to the repeated direction of a bullet.

Jeff Astle’s death has been attributed to an occupational disease linked to the repeated direction of a bullet

“Over the past 20 years, neither the Football Association nor the Professional Footballers’ Association have fought hard enough, or publicly enough, to address this issue within the wider football community,” the report said.

“They are, however, only part of a larger failure to address the problem of acquired brain damage in sport.”

The report says the government will play a central role in developing a comprehensive concussion protocol across the UK and ensuring it is communicated properly.

“We find it hard to see the downsides of a consistent UK-wide protocol for concussions and recommend that the government look to the Scottish model and then work with the decentralized governments of Scotland, the country of Wales and Northern Ireland to develop, over the next 12 months, a UK protocol for concussions in all sports, “he said.

AP - Head injury of a German player
Report accuses football authorities of taking too long to deal with concussion issue

“This should be used by national governing bodies as a minimum standard for creating the rules for their sport and should take into account and be consistent with the national framework for sports injury reporting that we recommended earlier in this report. “

The government is also called upon to help set up a central research fund – where research is “considered independent” – and to encourage sport to contribute by providing some matching funding.

The report said the government had been guilty of “failure to comply with practical interventions” in the past, based on previous reports.

“We urge the government to seize the nettle this time around, to overcome concerns about how regulation can change the sport and to take real and effective action,” the report said.

Advancement : Sport missed the chance to put its house in order

Arsenal's David Luiz receives treatment after clash with Wolverhampton Wanderers Raul Jimenez (not pictured) in the Premier League match at the Emirates Stadium
Headway charity called the report “an important step forward”

Headway Brain Injury Charity has welcomed the findings of the investigation.

Responding to the DCMS report, Peter McCabe, Managing Director of Headway, said: “This is an important step forward in the campaign to better protect people from the short and long term risks of concussion. .

“We are grateful to the committee for inviting us to contribute to this important investigation. The report makes a number of clear recommendations, which we all broadly support, although some questions remain.

“Improving data collection and monitoring will help us better understand the extent of the problem, especially at the local level, while government support for treatment, research funding and education would be also welcome.

“The committee’s criticism of the sport’s governing bodies is clear. This problem is not new and yet for years sport has been able to downplay its importance, with little or no government oversight. .

“For too long it has been left to charities such as Headway to hold the sport to account and we agree with Julian Knight that this needs to change. The sport has had enough time to put its house in order and the time has come for the government to intervene. “

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Kahnawake obtains $ 5 million to provide high-speed Internet to the Mohawk community https://www.observingthesky.org/kahnawake-obtains-5-million-to-provide-high-speed-internet-to-the-mohawk-community/ Wed, 21 Jul 2021 22:00:00 +0000 https://www.observingthesky.org/kahnawake-obtains-5-million-to-provide-high-speed-internet-to-the-mohawk-community/

Canada and Quebec have backed a plan to expand high-speed Internet across the province, with a joint investment of $ 94 million that will support local businesses, co-ops and nonprofits.

Double The Éclair II component, (Lightning phase 2) the second phase of the Quebec Internet initiative aims to offer high-speed Internet to 18,000 other households in remote regions and aboriginal communities by September 2022.

Almost 40,000 households still waiting for new networks will also see more money and a faster deployment of local infrastructure.

In Kahnawake, First Nations Wireless – soon to be called First Nations Fiber – will receive a total of $ 5 million. Director of operations Kameron Lahache said his company will provide fiber-optic internet access to all households and businesses in Kahnawake by next year.

“A new digital age is on the horizon for our community,” said Lahache, “and we are convinced that with the realization of this project, our community, our culture and our identity will be strengthened…”

Indigenous Affairs Minister Marc Miller and First Nations Fiber Operations Director Kameron Lahache at the announcement of high speed Internet funding in Kahnawake, Quebec. (Submitted by Kameron Lahache)

Newly elected Grand Chief Kahsennenhawe Sky-Deer said it was good news for a community that has struggled to stay connected during the pandemic.

“Well, it was really difficult… during the pandemic, for us even as a local government,” Sky-Deer said. “Being cut off, losing people in meetings… It will definitely improve the level of connectivity in our community. “

Sky-Deer says it is already considering how to use the new fiber-optic network in Kahnawake as a tool for cultural celebration and preservation.

Kahnawake Grand Chief Kahsennenhawe Sky-Deer hopes high-speed internet will make everyday life easier and contribute to the community’s cultural programming. (Paul Chiasson / The Canadian Press)

“We can now use technology as a way to promote our culture, identity, language and community,” she said, “with different programming and the availability for us to connect in this way.”

“Technology is the way of the future,” Sky-Deer said, “and there is endless potential and possibilities for us to use it to our advantage.”

Indigenous Affairs Minister Marc Miller said providing reliable and faster internet to First Nations is part of an effort to “bridge the infrastructure gap” and move towards reconciliation.

“Across Canada, we know that when we say remote it’s often a proxy for Indigenous communities, and the access isn’t there…. ” he said. “Only 31.3 percent of First Nations have Internet access up to the standard …”

“Our work helps build vibrant Indigenous communities across this country,” he said.

Many other communities are still waiting

Quebec MP Gilles Bélanger, who is in charge of the high-speed Internet file in Quebec, says he hopes high-speed Internet will provide a similar boost to small towns and remote areas, increasing productivity and making it easier to launch. new businesses.

The province says it will make another announcement on high-speed Internet access later this year, as there are still about 18,000 Quebec households – mostly in sparsely populated and hard-to-reach areas – that are not included. of his plan.

Grand Chief Sky-Deer agrees that the federal and provincial governments working hand in hand with Indigenous communities on projects like this is a step forward.

“Everyone is hearing about this reconciliation with indigenous peoples across the country and on Turtle Island,” she said.

“So if this is an example that we can show where there is a positive outcome through our collaboration, then I would like to see more in the future.”

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]]> Sky Sport team ready for a golden effort https://www.observingthesky.org/sky-sport-team-ready-for-a-golden-effort/ Wed, 21 Jul 2021 17:00:00 +0000 https://www.observingthesky.org/sky-sport-team-ready-for-a-golden-effort/

There will be coffee – and plenty – for the Sky Sport team to keep rolling into the early hours of the morning as they present the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. But for presenters Laura McGoldrick and Stephen McIvor, this is it. adrenaline of live TV and the thrill of the Games finally arriving after a year of delay that will keep them awake after midnight.

“I live for live TV, so I’m all over the place like a wet rag,” says McIvor.

Sky Sport has 12 channels of Olympic coverage, but along with Goran Paladin, McGoldrick and McIvor will host the Gold channel which McIvor says will “provide the best of the best – obviously key Kiwi moments, but also international moments.”

Sky Sport presenters Laura McGoldrick and Stephen McIvor.  “The sport really brings people together, if you want to,” says McIvor.


Sky Sport presenters Laura McGoldrick and Stephen McIvor. “The sport really brings people together, if you want to,” says McIvor.

McGoldrick and McIvor have both covered the Olympics before, so they know what to expect.

However, this year’s Games will be unlike any other. Due to the global pandemic, there will be strict Covid-19 protocols without authorized spectators.

But both agree that despite the restrictions, the Olympics provide an opportunity for the world to celebrate after what has been a dark period in our history.

“Probably more now than anywhere else, in these times that we live in, sport really brings people together, if you like,” says McIvor.

“Any kind of event in the current climate of the world like this that brings people together to sit and watch and enjoy is pretty cool,” says McGoldrick, who also works in radio as a afternoon host on The Hits.

* Highlights of the TV Guide: from Saturday July 24 to Friday July 30
* Ready, let’s go with our quiz on the Olympic Games
* Lego Masters and 2.5 million Lego bricks, coming to TVNZ

Between them, McGoldrick and McIvor have covered almost every sport imaginable. But with the range of events on offer at the Olympics, it is nearly impossible for a host to get to know every discipline well.

How to decipher the penalties in fencing, keep abreast of the handball rules in force and memorize the scoring system of artistic swimming?

“I think it’s okay to admit to viewers that you’re not the expert,” McGoldrick says. “But you can bring in an expert to talk about it, and then you can ask the questions as a fan, so it’s all about learning and that’s what’s good about the Olympics.”

Sky Sport presenters Laura McGoldrick and Stephen McIvor try to bring out the best in the sports people they deal with.


Sky Sport presenters Laura McGoldrick and Stephen McIvor try to bring out the best in the sports people they deal with.

“Being a good broadcaster is not being an expert,” says McIvor, who also co-hosts motorsport series. Sky speed. “Being a good broadcaster is being able to bring out the best of the talents you work with – the athletes. “

New sports are making their debut this year including skateboarding, karate and surfing, but unfortunately for McGoldrick the sport she would really like to see has been missing since the 1900 Olympics.

“As the wife of a cricketer, I will always say that cricket should be at the Olympics,” says McGoldrick, who has two children with her husband and Black Cap Martin Guptill.

“I think it’s great that the Olympics are constantly evolving and changing and adding things to it.”

And as new sports enter the Olympic arena, so do new talents.

The magic of the Olympics is that you can’t predict what will happen and who might pull a rabbit out of their hat to take the podium. A number of our finest medals have been won by athletes who have gone unnoticed.

On the local front, McIvor sees promise with 17-year-old swimmer Erika Fairweather and the men’s soccer team, saying: “They might shake up a bit if they get it right.”

He also thinks weightlifter David Liti “seems like the kind of guy who could do something special.”

Sky Sport presenters Laura McGoldrick and Stephen McIvor have a long list of sports they can't wait to watch at the Olympics.


Sky Sport presenters Laura McGoldrick and Stephen McIvor have a long list of sports they can’t wait to watch at the Olympics.

As for the events that presenters are eager to see for themselves, their lists are a marathon rather than a sprint.

“I love athletics, I love shot put, I love rowing,” says McGoldrick, before throwing more events, like a letter to a sports-mad Santa.

“I’m learning a bit about canoe slalom. I really enjoyed that at the last Olympic Games. I like golf. I think I named most of the sports now.

McIvor’s must-have list includes cycling, athletic and gymnastics sensation Simone Biles.

But what excites him most is the prospect of introducing viewers to this assortment of sports which, as he describes it, doesn’t look too much like what athletes have to experience, albeit a little less sweaty.

“There is nothing, nothing better than live television, absolutely nothing for me. The red light turns on, the heart rate increases, and you have to give birth. And you don’t always do it right.

“There’s never a perfect show, but sometimes you go away and you’re like, ‘Yeah, that was okay. “

Tokyo Olympics, Sky Sport on 12 channels, starting Friday

]]> Weather: Mid-1920s with some sunshine Wednesday after the storm; cold front purifies the air https://www.observingthesky.org/weather-mid-1920s-with-some-sunshine-wednesday-after-the-storm-cold-front-purifies-the-air/ Wed, 21 Jul 2021 12:00:28 +0000 https://www.observingthesky.org/weather-mid-1920s-with-some-sunshine-wednesday-after-the-storm-cold-front-purifies-the-air/

Content of the article

After thunderstorms and a cold front cleared the capital of a haze of smoke from forest fires in northwestern Ontario, Wednesday is shaping up to be significantly brighter.

The air quality index was 1, or low risk, on Wednesday morning with mixed skies and a maximum of 25 ° C in Environment and Climate Change Canada’s forecasts. The wind becomes north at 20 km / h at the end of the morning. The expected humidx is 27.

Wednesday night should cool down to 13 C with a few clouds and the wind becoming light in the early evening.

Thursday should be sunny then increasingly cloudy in the afternoon with 30 percent chance of showers in the late afternoon. The expected maximum is 25 C with a humidity of 28 and the overnight minimum is 14 C.

Friday’s forecast calls for mixed skies with a 30% chance of showers, a high of 27 C and a low of 15 C.

Saturday is expected to be increasingly cloudy with a high of 26 C and a low of 17 C.

There is a 40 percent chance of showers on Saturday evening, Sunday, Sunday evening and Monday. Sunday and Monday are expected to reach 27 C with lows of 18 C and 16 C.

After Tuesday’s flood, swimming is not recommended on Ottawa beaches listed in Ottawa Public Health water quality reports, due to high levels of bacteria.

OTTAWA – Residents face heavy rainfall on Tuesday, July 20, 2021. Photo by Errol Mcgihon /POSTMEDIA

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Arsenal transfer news and rumors: 2021 summer transfer window | Football news https://www.observingthesky.org/arsenal-transfer-news-and-rumors-2021-summer-transfer-window-football-news/ Wed, 21 Jul 2021 06:16:26 +0000 https://www.observingthesky.org/arsenal-transfer-news-and-rumors-2021-summer-transfer-window-football-news/

Summarizing the news, rumors and gossip about Arsenal’s transfer in the summer window of 2021.

Arsenal strike £ 50million deal to sign White

Arsenal have reached a deal to sign Brighton center-back Ben White for an estimated fee of around £ 50million.

Arteta coy on future transfers

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta has remained tight-lipped on any future transfers following his side’s 2-1 loss to Hibernian at Easter Road.

“We have one at the moment and we are really happy with the one we have,” said Arteta. Sky Sports News. “Unfortunately, he couldn’t play today. Maybe he can play on Saturday.

“We’re going to work with the players we have, try to make them better and try to compete as best we can.”


Sky Sports News’ Rob Jones assesses how Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta will look to strengthen his squad this summer in the transfer window

Who are Arsenal linked with?

Manuel Locatelli – Arsenal are ready to pay Sassuolo’s asking price of £ 34million for the Italian midfielder, but his preference is to join Juventus (The Guardian, July 19)

Houssem Aouar – Arsenal will start a £ 100million spending spree with the Lyon midfielder set to join White to sign for the club next week (Star of the day, July 18).

Martin Odegaard – Arsenal are “ready to pounce” if the Real Madrid playmaker becomes available this summer (Mirror, July 17); Arsenal’s hopes of bringing the playmaker back to the Emirates have been boosted by claims that Real Madrid need to lower their salary cap with Odegaard at risk of a transfer (Athleticism, July 13).

Tammy Abraham – Arsenal are interested in Abraham, who Chelsea have already offered to several clubs as part of their search for a new striker (The telegraph of the day, July 16).

Ruben Neves – Arsenal have started negotiations with Wolves over signing Neves (Record, July 12).

James Maddison – Arsenal should take an important step for the Leicester City playmaker in the next weeks (Star of the day, July 12).

Thilo Kehrer – Arsenal inquired about PSG defender Kehrer as he fielded a replacement for right-back Hector Bellerin (The sun, July 14th).

Latest players linked to Arsenal exit

Joe Willock 2020-21


After signing in January for Newcastle on loan from Arsenal, Joe Willock scored nine Premier League goals for the Magpies as he was crucial to their survival in the Premier League.

Hector Bellerin – Inter Milan step up pursuit of Arsenal defender – but don’t want to commit to paying a fee (Sun, July 17); The right-back has told Arsenal he wants to sign for Inter Milan this summer, but the two clubs have yet to come to a deal for the 26-year-old (Daily Mail, July 13).

Emile Smith Rowe – Talks on a new contract for Smith Rowe are progressing “positively”, all parties hope a deal can be reached after Aston Villa saw two bids rejected (Air sports, July 15th)

Joe willock – Newcastle are in talks to bring Joe Willock back to Tyneside (Time, July 13)

Granite Xhaka – Xhaka’s move to Rome has stalled due to Arsenal struggling to find a suitable replacement (Daily Express, July 14).

Signatures confirmed at Arsenal

Nuno tavares – Benfica, undisclosed

Albert Sambi Lokonga – Anderlecht, £ 15m

Confirmed departures from Arsenal

Matteo guendouzi – Marseille, ready

Guillaume Saliba – Marseille, ready

Dani Ceballos – end of loan

Mat Ryan – end of loan

Martin Odegaard – end of loan

David Luiz – contract expired

Mark McGuinness – Cardiff, undisclosed

Trae Coyle – FC Lausanne-Sport, undisclosed

Zech Medley – KV Oostende, undisclosed

Dinos Mavropanos – Stuttgart, loan

Daniel Ballard – Millwall, loan

Ben Sheaf – Coventry, undisclosed

Matt Smith – Doncaster, Ready

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Underground Train Fills with Water as Part of China Endures “Heaviest Rains in 1,000 Years” World news https://www.observingthesky.org/underground-train-fills-with-water-as-part-of-china-endures-heaviest-rains-in-1000-years-world-news/ Wed, 21 Jul 2021 04:30:00 +0000 https://www.observingthesky.org/underground-train-fills-with-water-as-part-of-china-endures-heaviest-rains-in-1000-years-world-news/

Parts of China have been hit by “the heaviest rains in 1,000 years” – with footage showing underground train cars filling with water.

More than eight inches of rain fell in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, in a single hour on Tuesday. In recent European floods, the most affected regions of Germany seen 18.2 cm over three days.

At least 12 people have died in the floods and 100,000 have been forced to flee their homes, according to China’s state news agency Xinhua.

Please use Chrome browser for a more accessible video player

Floods hit the Chinese metro

Please use Chrome browser for a more accessible video player

Cars float on flooded road in China

Photos and videos from the area showed torrents of water pouring through the streets, with rescuers working to evacuate those who had become trapped.

Electricity has been cut in parts of the city, trains have been suspended, roads have been closed and flights have been delayed.

Social media posts have shown commuters trapped waist-deep in floodwater in a subway train.

Please use Chrome browser for a more accessible video player

A woman saved from raging floods

One internet user wrote on social media: “The water outside the cabin was rising and leaking out the door.

“The water reached my chest.

“I was really scared, but the most terrifying thing was not the water, but the increasingly reduced air supply in the cabin.”

Heavy rains cause waterlogging in Zhengzhou city, central China's Henan Province, July 20, 2021. (Imaginechina via AP Images)
Zhengzhou city was the target of heavy rains. Photo: AP

Sky News Asia correspondent Tom Cheshire tweeted: “Very distressing scenes in Zhengzhou right now with severe flooding. People trapped in the subway – some rescued but other videos appear to show corpses. “

Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan, has a population of over 10 million and is located on the bank of the Yellow River – one of the Chinaof the largest rivers.

Other towns in Henan – including Ruzhou – were also ravaged by the waters.

The Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng had to close, and an aluminum factory in the city exploded, sending water into the facility.

The Longmen Caves – a UNESCO World Heritage Site with Buddhas carved into limestone dating back to AD 500 – are also threatened by flooding.

Please use Chrome browser for a more accessible video player

Driver surrounded by flood waters

People drive through congestion caused by a rainstorm in Zhengzhou City, central China's Henan Province, July 20, 2021. (Imaginechina via AP Images)
Zhengzhou has more than 10 million inhabitants. Photo: AP

More than 30 reservoirs in Henan have exceeded their warning levels, and overnight rainfall caused a 20-meter breach in the Yihetan Dam in Luoyang City west of Zhengzhou.

In Zhengzhou, the flood control headquarters said the city’s Guojiazui reservoir had been breached.

From Saturday to Tuesday, 3,535 weather stations in Henan recorded rainfall greater than 5 cm, of which 1,614 had levels greater than 10 cm and 151 greater than 25 cm.

Subscribe to ClimateCast onSpotify,Apple podcasts, orStreamer

Speaking on state television, Chinese President Xi Jinping said, “The flood prevention efforts have become very difficult.

Flooding is not uncommon in China during the rainy season, but the expansion of cities and the conversion of farmland into housing have put more people at risk.

Forecasters predict the showers will end by Thursday.

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Hamish Macdonald returns to Channel 10’s The Project after leaving ABC’s Q + A show https://www.observingthesky.org/hamish-macdonald-returns-to-channel-10s-the-project-after-leaving-abcs-q-a-show/ Wed, 21 Jul 2021 01:25:36 +0000 https://www.observingthesky.org/hamish-macdonald-returns-to-channel-10s-the-project-after-leaving-abcs-q-a-show/ Hamish Macdonald has confirmed he will be reunited with his “family” The Project after announcing his departure from ABC on Monday following poor grades as Q&A host.

Hamish Macdonald will join Network 10 after announcing he will be parting ways with ABC amid declining ratings and social media abuse.

Macdonald said on Wednesday he was “over the moon” to return to The Project on Friday nights and reunite with Lisa Wilkinson as co-host of The Sunday Project from early September.

The 40-year-old journalist said he was “thrilled to have the opportunity to create great local and international content with this dynamic group of producers and presenters.”

“It’s also a total joy to be back in the office with Lisa, Tommy and the people I love so much,” he said.

“Finding innovative ways to tell stories from Australia and around the world is what I love to do and I can’t wait to dive into them. “

Macdonald worked for 10 years from 2010 to 2013 and from 2017 before moving to the public broadcaster.

The CBA released a statement on Monday confirming Macdonald’s departure almost a month after he last hosted a question-and-answer episode.

Macdonald had not hosted the political talkfest since June 24 and was last seen on the ABC on July 7 when he presented a newsletter.

Q&A went from a Monday night time slot to 8:30 p.m. on Thursday and ratings also fell to a record 224,000 viewers in the five capitals on April 22 as it hosted over an 18-month span. .

Last week’s episode, hosted by Virginia Trioli, drew 354,000 viewers.

The show was hosted by a rotation of panelists in Macdonald’s absence, with the ABC confirming that will continue to be the case in the future.

The Sydney Morning Herald also reported that he decided to quit the ABC due to “scrutiny and abuse” on Twitter.

Macdonald hinted at a new gig when announcing his departure from the ABC on Monday.

He said he was “really excited to move on to a new opportunity and to work more with CBA in the future”.

“I am extremely grateful for the opportunity given to me to lead Q + A and to work alongside wonderful, talented and passionate people,” he said.

“I am really proud of what we have accomplished together in these extraordinary times.

“I would also like to thank the amazing audience at Q + A for everything they contribute to this program every week. It is, after all, their show. Their questions and stories from all over Australia are inspiring. , revealing and intelligent – and it has been a privilege to receive and read them. “

Sarah Thornton, head of Popular Factual at Network 10, said she was excited about Macdonald’s future at 10.

“We have always considered Hamish to be part of our family here at The Project, and we are delighted to welcome him home,” she said.

“Hamish is an exceptional journalist and his skills and passion as a broadcaster make him a valuable addition to our host lineup on The Project.

“Hamish will also be back on the road, where he is second to none, telling amazing stories and connecting with people in Australia and around the world.

“As the world and the media landscape change and storytelling grows in importance, Hamish’s talents have never been more important.”

Macdonald took over the hosting duties of Q + A in February 2020 after Tony Jones stepped down following the appointment of his wife Sarah Ferguson as head of the ABC News China office.

ABC News Director Gaven Morris said: “Everyone at ABC thanks Hamish for the incredible job he has done.”

Tottenham transfer news: Summer transfer window 2021 | Football news https://www.observingthesky.org/tottenham-transfer-news-summer-transfer-window-2021-football-news/ Tue, 20 Jul 2021 20:38:01 +0000 https://www.observingthesky.org/tottenham-transfer-news-summer-transfer-window-2021-football-news/

Summarizing the news, rumors and gossip about Tottenham’s transfer in the summer window of 2021.

Nuno: No doubt about Kane’s commitment to Spurs

New Tottenham head coach Nuno Espirito Santo said he had “no doubts” about Harry Kane’s commitment to the club.

Speaking at his first press conference as Spurs head coach, when asked if he plans to have Kane at the club for the start of the season, Nuno replied: “I don’t I have no doubts in my mind. What I want is for Harry to make a good recovery and rest well.

“When he arrives he will feel he has to commit to become better. We are ambitious, we want to do well and we are counting on Harry to do it.

“Harry is our player, period. There is no need to talk about anything else. Now is the time for him to rest. When he comes back we can have a good conversation. I can’t wait for him to rest. join the group. “


Tottenham boss Nuno Espirito Santo claims Harry Kane is a Spurs player and insists there isn’t much else to add, amid continued interest in the striker of Premier League champions Manchester City.

He also said conversations are ongoing with new director of football Fabio Paratici and director of technical performance Steve Hitchen regarding transfers in and out of the club.

“It’s great since we got here. It’s hard work, it’s all about pre-season and trying to get everyone to work hard. The attitude commitment from the boys has been wonderful, and I am delighted to be here.

“We talked. Me, Fabio [Paratici] and Steeve [Hitchen]. We realize that there is a lot of work to be done. It’s hard work to improve the quality that we have. We have to find the right players.

“On a daily basis, we talk. Fabio and Steve, they do their job in the market. I do mine on the training ground. Improving our squad is not easy.”

Image preview


Nuno Espirito Santo says he and his backroom team at Tottenham are working daily to bring potential targets to the club during this summer’s transfer window.

Who are Tottenham linked with?

Bryan Gil (exchange of Erik Lamela) – Tottenham are set to finalize a swap deal with Sevilla which will see them sign young winger Bryan Gil and Erik Lamela move to Spain (Air sports, July 20)

Pierluigi gollini – Tottenham are set to finalize a loan deal with Atalanta for goalkeeper Gollini (Air sports, July 20)

Cristian Romero – Tottenham are in advanced talks to sign the Atalanta defender Romero (Daily Mail, July 20)

Gareth Bale – Nuno has confirmed that the Real Madrid forward will not return to the club next season, saying: “He will not be part of our squad” (July 16).

Matthieu hoppe – Spurs are among four clubs interested in the 20-year-old Schalke striker, who scored six Bundesliga goals last season (The boot room, July 15th).

Danny ings – Tottenham made Southampton striker Danny Ings their priority signing this summer (The telegraph of the day, July 14th).

Renato Sanches – Spurs compete with Barcelona to secure the signing of the Lille midfielder (Le10Sport, 11 July)

Latest players linked to Tottenham exit

Harry kane – Kane’s England teammates believe he may refuse to return to preseason training with Spurs in an attempt to try to force a move to Man City (Telegraph, July 17); Kane has once again told Tottenham he wants to leave this summer. Spurs are now inquiring into the replacement center-forward, in the first indication the club are ready to consider the feelings of their 27-year-old talisman. (Air sports, May 27).

Erik Lamela (trade by Bryan Gil) – Tottenham are set to finalize a swap deal with Sevilla which will see them sign young winger Bryan Gil and Erik Lamela move to Spain (Air sports, July 20)

Signatures confirmed at Tottenham

Tottenham departures confirmed

Paulo Gazzaniga – the contract has expired

Danny Rose – Watford, free transfer

Kazaiah Sterling – contract expired

Juan Foyth – Villarreal, undisclosed

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City leaders worry about pavilion and walkway being built in Sherwin-Williams seat proposal https://www.observingthesky.org/city-leaders-worry-about-pavilion-and-walkway-being-built-in-sherwin-williams-seat-proposal/ Tue, 20 Jul 2021 18:42:00 +0000 https://www.observingthesky.org/city-leaders-worry-about-pavilion-and-walkway-being-built-in-sherwin-williams-seat-proposal/

CLEVELAND – For the first time, representatives from Sherwin-Williams presented models of what the future of the company’s global headquarters could look like in Public Square during a special joint meeting with the Cleveland City Planning Commission on Tuesday .

The presenters divided the proposed project into three elements: pavilion, headquarters tower and parking garage.

The two-story pavilion will be the gateway to the organization that will house the Center of Excellence and Learning and Development. The pavilion of approximately 50,000 square feet is slightly inclined in relation to the public square.

Seat tour
The approximately 36-storey tower will house more than 3,000 employees. With an area of ​​approximately 1 million square feet, the tower will have a loading dock and central factory, conference, catering and wellness areas.

The presenters said they took the view of Cleveland’s iconic Terminal Tower into account when determining where to place the tower to preserve the view of the skyline.

The City of Cleveland Planning Commission.

Parking Garage
The parking garage will have approximately 920 spaces. Four parking levels will be located above ground level and there will be one underground parking level.

Sherwin-Williams representatives pointed out that the company had made a conscious decision not to develop parking for its 3,000 employees, saying some employees lived downtown and others took public transportation. to get to work. City leaders encouraged the company to use the teaching hospital garage as an example of public appeal through the design.

There will be 2,500 square feet of commercial development facing West 3rd Street.

Worries on the Sky Bridge
Despite the reluctance of the public and the city over the airlift over West 3rd Street, Sherwin-Williams said it was necessary because the tunnel under West 3rd The street is not possible with utilities under the street. Presenters said they need to connect the pavilion for it to function properly when hosting events or dealing with visitors who need to make it to the main tower. The airlift will be secure and will not be open to the general public.

Members of the commission said they hoped a revised plan would include removing the airlift or, perhaps, a better reason to keep the airlift, arguing that it does not promote walking.

Presenters defended the airlift, saying it would not remove pedestrians from the streets as anyone crossing it would be doing business in the tower. The airlift would be for employees using the parking lot to get to the main tower.

Concerns about the pavilion
A hot topic of discussion was the lack of public access to the pavilion building. Design committee members also raised concerns about the height of the pavilion and its lack of public access. They want the pavilion to be higher than the two floors offered.

Alan O’Connell, city planner, town planner and president of the Downtown Cleveland Residents Association, spoke on behalf of the committee, saying the design of the property adjacent to the public plaza, where the pavilion is to go, should be the most important .

“We won’t have another chance in our lifetime to make sure we get it right,” he said. “The model really hurts, you know, that thing that there is no visual unification around the public square, and we miss the opportunity forever. [Public Square] the most important property as it has been pointed out, possibly in the United States. Filling a missing tooth is extremely important. And I am very disappointed that this is a two-story pavilion, semi-public, most of the time not, a museum of painting.

Tom Yablonsky, executive director of Historic Warehouse District Development Corp., said suggested plans for the pavilion include public rooftop access.

What happens to the old office space at Landmark Tower?
Sherwin-Williams says they are considering selling this space and think it would be very useful for residential redevelopment.

Concept approval
The design committee approved the concept for the tower and pavilion, excluding the north building where the garage would be located.

The committee approved the conceptual design on the condition that Sherwin-Williams provide renderings of the street-level pedestrian experience, a traffic study with data, and a pavilion height study, which include access public possible at the roof.

Concept approval validates the general direction of the project design, but it does not mean that the proposal is perfect. It just means that it can be approved with conditions for future review to move in “a positive direction,” said Freddy L. Collier, Jr, director of the Cleveland City Planning Commission.

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IN PHOTOS: Doomsday skies over South Okanagan due to forest fire smoke, ash | iINFOnews https://www.observingthesky.org/in-photos-doomsday-skies-over-south-okanagan-due-to-forest-fire-smoke-ash-iinfonews/ Tue, 20 Jul 2021 18:00:09 +0000 https://www.observingthesky.org/in-photos-doomsday-skies-over-south-okanagan-due-to-forest-fire-smoke-ash-iinfonews/

Image Credit: SUBMIT / Odessa Kiefiuk

July 20, 2021 – 11:00 a.m.

Many areas of British Columbia are affected by smoke from the wildfires and last night residents of the South Okanagan turned their cameras to the smoky skies.

A smoky sky bulletin is in effect for the Okanagan and last night, July 19, a wildfire just south of the U.S. border saw substantial growth with its plume of smoke.

Smoke from that blaze blew north across the Okanagan, and other local fires contributed to deteriorating air quality, said Lisa Erven, meteorologist at Environment Canada.

“We have a fairly similar wind pattern for today, with more southerly winds expected, so we have kept the air quality forecast for the Okanagan at a moderate (level),” he said. she said, adding that the forecast will likely stay the same for today, July 20 and tomorrow.

There is currently a moderate risk in the Okanagan with a rating of five. The Air Quality Health Index assesses quality on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 having a high risk of impact on the general public.

But the smoke can be in different concentrations depending on the altitude.

For Thursday, the wind direction will likely change to more westerly, which would help redirect the plume of smoke from the U.S. fire away from the Okanagan, but smoke from other fires in British Columbia could persist, Erven said.

“There are so many fires locally here in British Columbia and in all directions from the Okanagan that it’s a really tough situation,” she said.

Image Credit: SUBMITTED / Evan Jones

Image Credit: SUBMITTED / Sun Valley Images

Image Credit: SUBMITTED / Carmen Henry

Image Credit: SUBMIT / Jerri Rheanne Rouw

Image Credit: SUBMITTED / Jason Sukow

Image Credit: SUBMITTED / Steph Turner

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