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Jhere are several possible reactions to the news that the newly launched talkTV recorded no viewers during prime time broadcasts. One is to politely note that a new TV channel – especially if it’s competing in an already saturated market – will take some time to find its identity. Another is to realize that life is far too short and precious to spend your evenings watching Piers Morgan whip himself into a wet dribble of performative indignation over something he only lightly believes in. Both reactions are valid. I prefer the latter.

What’s fascinating about talkTV’s failure to set the world on fire is how jaded Morgan is about it. “Linear TV is becoming increasingly irrelevant to the full eyeball potential of a global show like this, especially with younger viewers who don’t really watch TV anymore,” he tweeted last week; a statement in stark contrast to the compulsive competition he had with Dan Walker over the Good Morning Britain ratings.

But, and oh my God, that hurts, Morgan might be right. It’s true that talkTV had zero viewers – in truth the term means people may have watched it, but not in enough numbers for the Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board (Barb) to register – but it is far from being the only one. Last July, in the wake of one of its presenters taking a knee on the air, GB News also recorded no viewers. A year before that, Steph McGovern’s lunchtime show on Channel 4 had done the same. In 2019, BBC Scotland New broadcasts recorded no viewers, as did a repeat of Blue Peter in 2017.

And it was only the zero-rated shows that managed to push Shawshank past Barb’s incomprehensibly tight clutches, leaked to the press by TV insiders to prove some sort of point. In reality, there’s a huge chance that we’re all swimming in a world of completely unwatched television.

The medium is already in decline. UK analytics firm Digital TV Research predicted this year that 1.4 million UK households will give up their pay-TV subscriptions by 2027, perhaps because we realize we’re paying through the nose to not not watch 99% of what’s on our TVs.

Just dig into your EPG and you’ll see. Go all the way downstairs, like you do in hotel rooms when you realize you’ve left your Roku key at home, and remember: we live in an age where streaming services allow us to instant access to all the best television that has ever been made, offering an almost endless choice of viewing options.

Now, with that in mind, how many people are going to come home from another dissatisfying day at work and crumble over 30 Movie Monsters With Pat Sharp on Now 80s? How many people are going to sweetly kick their partner at 8.15pm, telling them to turn off Bridgerton because Joyce’s Ulcer, the third episode of the 1989 ITV sitcom Surgical Spirit, has just started on Forces TV? And, sure, maybe some people would tune into Sky Nature HD’s Dogs With Extraordinary Jobs, but my gut feeling is that they’d all log off after 15 minutes, annoyed by the dogs bragging about their wonderful careers.

And these shows don’t have the luxury of being widely advertised by a powerful multinational media company, like talkTV does. My four year old son has never seen a photo of Surgical Spirit on the side of a bus and told me he wanted to watch it, like he did with Piers Morgan Uncensored yesterday morning. That’s fine, by the way. I sold it now.

But if people aren’t watching talkTV, they aren’t watching hundreds of other shows either. We find ourselves in a landscape of television orphans, floating in the ether, forgotten and unguarded. So, to reiterate, Morgan might be right. People don’t watch TV, and his show certainly isn’t the least watched on TV right now. But, after watching some of it on YouTube, I can tell you that it’s probably the most unbearable. I hope this can help.

Thomas Tuchel: Chelsea head coach admits takeover talks were a distraction for players | Soccer News https://www.observingthesky.org/thomas-tuchel-chelsea-head-coach-admits-takeover-talks-were-a-distraction-for-players-soccer-news/ Tue, 10 May 2022 13:48:21 +0000 https://www.observingthesky.org/thomas-tuchel-chelsea-head-coach-admits-takeover-talks-were-a-distraction-for-players-soccer-news/

Thomas Tuchel admits the ongoing sale of Chelsea has been a factor in his side’s poor form in the Premier League.

Todd Boehly will become the majority owner of Chelsea when the US mogul’s consortium completes the purchase of the club from Stamford Bridge for £4.25billion. Eldridge Industries founder and Los Angeles Dodgers co-owner Boehly will have the most influence in the consortium that buys Chelsea from Roman Abramovich.

Clearlake Capital co-founder Behdad Eghbali will work closely with Boehly and is expected to play an active role in major financial decisions. The Californian company Clearlake should take the majority of the shares of the Boehly consortium.

Chelsea blew a two-goal lead in Saturday’s 2-2 draw with Wolves and still need four more points to be assured of Champions League football in their three remaining games – starting at Leeds Wednesday, live on sky sports.

Wednesday May 11 7:00 p.m.

Kick off 7:30 p.m.

When asked if the ongoing takeover process had been a distraction for the playing and coaching staff, Chelsea head coach Tuchel said: “For sure, I don’t don’t think there’s any sense in hiding from the fact that it’s a distraction. It’s a matter of how far we can still live even if we’re distracted, worried or disadvantaged by it.

“We did great results until the international break and it had no effect in terms of results – in fact, it had almost the opposite effect on results. We felt very strong during the difficulties and when announcing the sanctions in place.

New Chelsea owner Todd Boehly is watching
New Chelsea owner Todd Boehly watches Wolves game

“But something very human and normal happened with the players who weren’t there. [during the March internationals]. There were also different influences on them, maybe more thoughts on the situation in general and now the situation has been very long. Players want to feel competitive and know what’s happening next season.

“Some players like Toni [Antonio Rudiger] then decided to change clubs, so every day it becomes a little more difficult. It’s not impossible, but it gets harder and it has an influence. We are looking for a level where we are always competitive and win games. Still ain’t an excuse but it sure is a reason [for the form].

“These are positive signs and it feels like it’s coming to an end which will give us the opportunity to act [in the summer transfer market] but at the moment we are not there yet.”

Chelsea surrendered a two-goal lead against Wolves
Chelsea surrendered a two-goal lead against Wolves

Tuchel revealed he has yet to meet Boehly, but says he is encouraged by developments over the past week.

The German added: “Nothing has changed for us here at Cobham as we are still waiting for confirmation and for things to progress to have news for you and for us and our players. We are still waiting for news to inject positive energy.

“We are the only club at the moment to suffer like this and maybe the first club to have done this. It is a unique and quite difficult situation. Of course everyone wants this clarified.

“It’s a step in the right direction. We’ve been waiting for it for a long time because we need the positive energy and the competitive atmosphere as a club. That’s why it’s very important that things move forward.”

Todd Boehly remained dejected at the final whistle
Boehly was shot down at the final whistle on Saturday

Chairman Bruce Buck and director Marina Granovskaia are expected to retain their roles once the Chelsea takeover is complete, with the sale still ongoing to close before the May 31 deadline.

Only Premier League and government approval now stand between Boehly’s consortium and the owner of Chelsea. Abramovich put Chelsea up for sale on March 2 amid Russia’s continued invasion of Ukraine.

The way now remains clear for Boehly and his winning consortium to complete the sale of Chelsea well before the May 31 deadline, when the Blues’ temporary license will expire.

Boehly could even complete the deal to take charge before the end of the season, with Chelsea hosting Watford on May 22 to close out their Premier League campaign.

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FREE TO WATCH: Highlights from Chelsea’s draw against Wolves in the Premier League

Chelsea have collected just eight points from their possible last 21 – and Tuchel has sympathy for his players after a grueling period of competition in several competitions.

“We look a bit tired and a bit mentally exhausted,” Tuchel continued. “Given the way we play and the circumstances surrounding the club, it’s understandable. There was a lot of emotion in the Champions League games with Real Madrid and then suddenly being back in a run in the Premier League. [for top four] and also at Wembley [for the FA Cup]. It’s quite difficult and you can feel it.

“We have to reach a certain level which is possible and better than what we have done in the last two games, but the positive thing is that I can feel the positive motivation to turn things around.

“There was no lack of motivation and investment. These are good signs and we still have confidence in the team. It’s time to stay calm and move forward step by step to complete the season on a positive note.”

How to follow Leeds vs Chelsea

Leeds v Chelsea

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Sky struggles to compete for a new rental in Melbourne, in a trend that is ‘worsening’ https://www.observingthesky.org/sky-struggles-to-compete-for-a-new-rental-in-melbourne-in-a-trend-that-is-worsening/ Mon, 09 May 2022 20:14:11 +0000 https://www.observingthesky.org/sky-struggles-to-compete-for-a-new-rental-in-melbourne-in-a-trend-that-is-worsening/

Sky has carried out more than 50 home inspections in Melbourne’s outer south over the past three months, looking for a new private rental for her and her five children.

She pays $520 a week for her current four-bedroom house, which is around half of her income on single-parent allowance, so she can’t afford to pay much more.

She said most four-bedroom homes in the Frankston area, where she was looking, cost at least $560 a week.

The 38-year-old begins to cry as she describes the broken back door lock, the tiny rooms and the lack of heating or air conditioning in her current home.

“I have my children asking for a new home, [saying] “Mom, I don’t feel safe in this house,” she said.

She said there were at least 30 people at every inspection she went to in Melbourne’s southern and south-eastern suburbs, where rent has traditionally been below the Melbourne average.

“These are people with incomes who have tried the same thing I did, trying for months and still getting nowhere because of the price,” she said.

Community organizations say pressures on rent affordability have increased around Frankston.(ABC News: Margaret Paul)

Like many others, Sky has also noticed the price of other things rising.

She can rattle off cost increases for every household expense, from cordial to rice crackers, and said she only ate one good meal a day, so she had enough for her children.

She can’t afford the internet, so she brings her children with special needs to Frankston Community Services (CSF) to use the internet for their medical appointments.

“I have to raise my hand and say ‘do you have any fruits and vegetables, do you have anything for recess please? “Because I just couldn’t do it,” she said.

CSF director Steve Phillips said the organization helps more than 10,000 people a year and the number is growing.

Steve Phillips stands in an office, wearing a plaid button-up shirt.
Steve Phillips says more people are asking Frankston for help.(ABC News: Margaret Paul)

“The vast majority of people we see cannot work, and the payments they receive do not cover basic expenses, and what do we see? Basic expenses are increasing,” he said.

“It’s getting worse and worse, it’s getting scary.”

He said all of this leaves less money for housing.

Hundreds of people need legal help

Frankston is part of the Dunkley fringe constituency, which encompasses the outer Melbourne Bay suburbs of Frankston, Seaford and Mt Eliza and the outer suburban areas of Carrum Downs and Langwarrin.

It is held by ALP’s Peta Murphy, with a margin of 2.7%.

The Liberal candidate is Sharn Coombes, a lawyer and former candidate for the reality TV show Survivor.

Three corflutes for Labour, the United Australia Party and the Liberal Party sit side by side on a suburban green lawn.
Labor faces stiff competition to retain Dunkley’s fringe constituency.(ABC News: Margaret Paul)

Data from the National Growth Areas Alliance (NGAA) found that 52% of residents in Victoria’s outer suburbs struggle to pay at least one bill, leaving them in what the NGAA calls “financial survival mode”.

This compared to 21% of residents of the outer suburbs nationally.

At the Peninsula Community Legal Centre, chief executive Jackie Galloway said a growing number of people in Dunkley were falling behind on their rent.

“It’s getting worse and worse,” she said.

“Rents are going up, the cost of living is going up, we’re not seeing wage growth and so people are really struggling to maintain their homes.”

Jackie Galloway smiles as she stands, dressed in a white shirt, outside the Peninsula Community Legal Center.
Jackie Galloway, director of the legal center, said lawyers were seeing more and more people struggling to pay their rent.(ABC News: Margaret Paul)

Data from Tenancy Victoria confirms this.

The top tenants body has handled 331 tenancy legal cases in Dunkley over the past year, with 15 per cent of the cases going for eviction.

Victoria Tenant Community Engagement Manager Farah Farouque said most of them were in private tenancy.

“Dunkley’s electorate has traditionally included some of Victoria’s most affordable rental offerings, but we are seeing a tightening in rental markets across the country,” she said.

Last month, the ABC reported that the rental market across the country rose 4.7% in March, due to a lack of inventory.

Farah wearing a red blazer with her arms crossed.
Farah Farouque, Director of Community Engagement at Tenants Victoria.(ABC News: Barrie Pullen)

Housing prices are rising across the market

For those looking to buy a home and escape the rental market, the outlook isn’t much brighter.

Stu Anderson considers himself rather lucky – he owns a unit in Frankston and lives in a secure tenancy with his wife and three children.

Stu Anderson stands in front of his drums, his guitar slung around his neck.
Stu Anderson co-owns and runs a recording studio in Frankston.(ABC News: Margaret Paul)

The couple were looking to buy a home, but said buyers had been drawn to larger blocks and proximity to the beach during the pandemic, driving up prices.

“It’s exploded in the COVID period and I don’t see them getting any cheaper,” he said.

“The demolished houses cost a million dollars.”

There’s even an upscale apartment building that overlooks Frankston’s foreshore, which locals say is a first.

Push for rail extension

The infrastructure is also highly valued by voters around Dunkley.

The Frankston committee lobbied for an extension of the electric railway line beyond Frankston, to Baxter.

The committee’s chief executive, Ginevra Hosking, said the extension was first proposed 92 years ago and there was bipartisan support in the last two elections, but nothing was done.

“We’re actually supporting a population the size of Canberra, and yet we’re quibbling over 5 kilometers of track,” she said.

A stretch of beach on a sunny day, with a few houses visible along a rolling hill.
Local groups are pushing for better infrastructure to connect the growing population around Frankston to the rest of Melbourne.(ABC News: Margaret Paul)

She said the proposed extension would connect the train line to Frankston Hospital and the Peninsula campus of Monash University, as well as 23,800 Langwarrin residents and more than 160,000 Peninsula residents. Mornington.

“We need a better way for state and federal governments to work better, to understand the issues in outer suburbs like Frankston,” Ms Hosking said.

The crowd goes to the riverside for the Freedom Rally https://www.observingthesky.org/the-crowd-goes-to-the-riverside-for-the-freedom-rally/ Mon, 09 May 2022 19:08:40 +0000 https://www.observingthesky.org/the-crowd-goes-to-the-riverside-for-the-freedom-rally/

Content of the article

A crowd of around 150 people gathered on the banks of Windsor on Saturday for the Freedom Alliance Accountability Rally to listen to speakers speak out against the provincial and federal governments and all restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic , many of which have been lifted.

Content of the article

Chris Sky, who has argued that the public health measures are unconstitutional and violate human rights, was one of many speakers who spoke about the truckers’ protest at the Ambassador Bridge and the “combat fighters of the liberty” who were pulled from their trucks and arrested.

Sky acknowledged the small size of the rally in some of its early remarks.

“The numbers here are lower than normal because everyone thinks we’re back to normal, but that’s not the case,” Sky said. He noted that 25% of food and clothing sales at the rally would go towards the legal fees of one of the truckers arrested during the blockade.

Local anti-lockdown activist Currie Soulliere spoke about a recent visit to the emergency department of a local hospital for treatment of a gash on her head. Her refusal to wear a mask saw her handcuffed and taken out of the building, she said. Eventually she said she was allowed to return but “I was never charged and I never covered my face”.

Someone dressed as Waldo, a character from a popular book series, handed out red licorice and local Ontario Party candidates spoke out against Doug Ford’s government.

Chris Sky, a leading figure in the anti-mask and anti-lockdown movement in Canada, addresses a small crowd of a few dozen people attending a rally in Dieppe Park, Saturday, May 7, 2022. Photo by Dax Melmer /Windsor Star
A participant in an anti-lockdown rally wears a
A participant in an anti-lockdown rally wears a “Freedom Convoy” sweater while carrying the Canadian flag, at Dieppe Park, Saturday, May 7, 2022. Photo by Dax Melmer /Windsor Star

Paul Konchesky appointed West Ham Women manager after Olli Harder leaves WSL | Soccer News https://www.observingthesky.org/paul-konchesky-appointed-west-ham-women-manager-after-olli-harder-leaves-wsl-soccer-news/ Sun, 08 May 2022 21:34:05 +0000 https://www.observingthesky.org/paul-konchesky-appointed-west-ham-women-manager-after-olli-harder-leaves-wsl-soccer-news/

Paul Konchesky has been appointed as West Ham Women manager on a two-year contract following the departure of Olli Harder.

Former England defender Konchesky, who made 70 appearances for the Hammers between 2005 and 2007, has worked as Harder’s assistant since May 2021.

West Ham announced Harder’s departure after the club’s final game of the season on Sunday, a 2-0 loss to WSL runners-up Arsenal.

Olli Harder took charge of his final game as West Ham manager on Sunday

“It’s a very proud moment for me. I’m truly honored to have been nominated,” Konchesky told the club’s official website. “I relish both the challenge and the opportunity that comes with this role.

“West Ham is really close to my heart – it was a dream to play for the club and now being in this position is something I’m really passionate about. I can’t wait to get started.”

Gilly Flaherty leaves West Ham

West Ham United v Birmingham City - FA Women's Super League - Chigwell Construction Stadium West Ham United's Gilly Flaherty during the FA Women's Super League match at the Chigwell Construction Stadium, London.  Picture date: Sunday October 10, 2021.
Gilly Flaherty has captained West Ham for the past four years

West Ham Women’s captain Gilly Flaherty will leave the club when her contract expires this summer, having spent four years at the Hammers following spells at Arsenal and Chelsea.

Flaherty played his last game in red and blue on Sunday in the loss to Arsenal

“It is with immense sadness that I leave West Ham United this summer,” said Flaherty. “I have truly enjoyed every minute of my time with this club and am so proud of my role in the journey this team has taken over the past four years. It was an honor to be named the first captain of a West Ham professional women’s team.”

Martin Brundle confuses basketball star with Patrick Mahomes in Miami GP blunder https://www.observingthesky.org/martin-brundle-confuses-basketball-star-with-patrick-mahomes-in-miami-gp-blunder/ Sun, 08 May 2022 19:53:36 +0000 https://www.observingthesky.org/martin-brundle-confuses-basketball-star-with-patrick-mahomes-in-miami-gp-blunder/

The Sky Sports F1 presenter thought he was interviewing the NFL quarterback but the penny quickly plummeted as he interviewed on the Miami GP grid.

Martin Brundle mistakenly thought he was interviewing NFL star Patrick Mahomes