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Getting banned from YouTube is remarkably difficult. The platform hosts over 500 hours of new videos per minute. It’s more content that even Sydney’s most dedicated teenager battling lockdown boredom can watch in his life.

Almost all of this video – 720,000 hours a day – shows children unwrapping toys or biting each other. The rest is a video from Alain jones be skeptical of vaccines on Sky News.

This week, the video hosting platform cracked down on Sky News Australia, removing at least six videos of Jones and the foreigners program in which hydroxychloroquine is discussed as a viable alternative to vaccines and an apparent conspiracy to prevent access to the drug is criticized.

YouTube is concerned that people who take their medical advice from Jones and Rowan Dean may contribute to the continued spread of Covid-19, although the other major concern is that these same people may also contribute to the spread of rank stupidity.

If your opinion on vaccines is formed by Jones speaking to Craig kelly, then it is too late to save yourself by banning this content. Especially since every time someone goes to YouTube it sends you Sky News Australia content as aggressively as Alan Jones is pushing another race riot in Cronulla.

YouTube’s process of deciding which videos to delete, when to suspend a channel, or even just why similar videos stay online is totally opaque, but at least it has taken a stand. Meanwhile, Australia’s closest to a media regulatory authority is the Australian Communications and Media Authority, which issued this statement: “The complainants have been referred to Sky in the first place and ACMA will review the issue and will take the broadcaster’s action to remove the segment from account if any of the complainants refer their complaint to ACMA. “

ACMA’s process of holding Sky News to account apparently tells those offended by the content to contact Sky News directly, and then if they are not happy with the response, to revert to ACMA, who will then use the harsh measure of upping. shoulders. , looking at the sky and wondering why it exists.

Sky News presenters responded with the kind of calm, measured appreciation for the importance of public health safety for which they are known.

Chris Kenny lamented it as “canceling culture at large”, but to be fair, he thinks it is all “canceling culture at large”. Except the one time he canceled The Chaser for suggesting he slept with a dog.

Craig Kelly, meanwhile, kept his production of conspiracy theories going, taking to Twitter to announce Scott Morrison violates constitutional freedoms by requiring everyone to be vaccinated.

He did not specify how this is a violation of constitutional freedoms, which part of the constitution he specifically refers to, or whether he would also be against the vaccination registry which is part of admissions to the hospitals. Australian schools since 1996.

Sky News is expected to return to YouTube once the ban is lifted. Meanwhile, the country needs to think about what it means when YouTube is more ethical in its content curation than Australian media.

Treasurer Josh frydenberg spoke out in favor of instant blockages, saying the high cost of blockages is only compounded if blockages are delayed.

This contrasts with when, in 2020, he demanded Daniel Andrews lift the lockdown early to ‘give people their freedom’ because ‘enough is enough’. It was the same day the state had recorded
15 new cases and the death toll stood at 810.

Andrews announced another instant lockdown for Melbourne and Victoria on Thursday from 8 p.m. that night, bringing the total to six.

The change in appreciation of the value of an instant lock shows that Frydenberg is able to learn from his mistakes and change his perspective.

This personal growth is perhaps the only chance we have to find out why the $ 25 billion of the $ 90 billion JobKeeper program was allowed to go to companies that did not save their forecast for declining revenues.

The treasurer did not follow Treasury advice to set up an independent review of the program, but that may have been before he discovered the capacity for personal growth in him.

He might even finally take responsibility for that time he miscalculated how much JobKeeper would cost by $ 60 billion.

Labor gave Frydenberg the right opportunity to show off his new skills in combining mea culpas with mathematics, such as Anthony Albanian prompted the Commonwealth to consider a $ 300 cash bonus to anyone who is fully immunized.

It’s a bold idea by Labor, which could prove to be a timely distraction from their continued support for government tax cuts for billionaires.

Minister of Finances Simon birmingham dismissed the idea, saying it was “insulting” to already vaccinated Australians, proving he had never met another Australian, nor been properly insulted.

The PM also strongly rejected the plan, pretty much guaranteeing that he will eventually implement it as soon as we all forget it was a Labor idea in the first place.

It’s the kind of reversal we’ve seen him commit time and time again, most recently putting his own ego aside, accepting he was wrong and not commenting on Australia Post’s $ 1 million payment to Christine holgate, after having a tantrum that forced her to quit her position as CEO for spending $ 20,000 on watches for her executives.

Australians are in the unenviable position of wishing they had Peter Dutton as head of the House of Representatives, after the Defense Secretary was forced into self-isolation for two weeks due to his sons being caught in the Queensland schools outbreak.

Its absence means that the leadership role is now filled by Christian porter.

With all the energy of that moment in every horror movie where you think the monster has been defeated, then the protagonist turns his back on it, only for the monster to rear up again, Porter will lead the government’s agenda for the home for a fortnight.

Porter, who has yet to be independently investigated into his suitability for a ministerial post after a rape charge he vehemently denies, served as House Leader for nearly two years until a cabinet reshuffle.

In a statement in March which admitted there was work to be done to keep women safe, the prime minister said: “We need to get this house back in order. It turns out that the order the house needed to get in put Christian Porter back in charge.

This article first appeared in the print edition of The Saturday Paper on August 7, 2021 under the title “Gadfly: Sky sees limits”.

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