Game Inbox: Will Zelda be in Nintendo Direct today?

Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 – will we have a release date today? (photo: Nintendo)

Thursday’s Inbox discusses the best video game sound effects, as a reader plays Resident Evil: Revelations for the first time.

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Are they going or not?
So there’s a big Nintendo Direct tonight, eh? Probably the last of the year? The question is, what will be in it? There aren’t any top releases this Christmas, but there are quite a few in total, so it will take some time to go through them all, and yet I don’t see Nintendo spending the 40 minutes on things that we already know.

This N64 controller case seems as certain as the Switch Pro (if not more!) And surely, finally, we’ll have some sort of proper update for Animal Crossing? This game has been completely ignored all year round and it is just astonishing to me that Nintendo is completely ignoring one of their biggest hits. Madness. The typical Nintendo madness.

So what else? Or, to get right to the point, will Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2 be there? I will guess so. It was due out this year and that may mean it’s early 2022 rather than later, so I think they could show more of it and maybe an Easter release date. I realize it’s optimistic but I don’t think it’s impossible.

For the rest, who can say? Platinum seems pretty keen on unveiling Bayonetta 3, so that probably has a good chance as well. I feel good with this one, I think it could be a classic.

Phoenix of the Flame
I bought No Man’s Sky when it was released and was completely disappointed. The game went to the coin toss to collect dust, until recently when I read the latest updates and praise for the turnaround of the game. I decided to give it another try and am so happy with it. ‘having done, now is the game I hoped it could be. There is so much to do and try, from running your own city, submarine bases, owning your own capital ship and a fleet of frigates, or learning more about each of the races.

I have not gone so far in the missions of history; I keep finding something else to try and just completed the last expedition. It’s a game you can play at your own pace and do whatever you want and I would recommend it and praise Hello Games for making the game I originally hoped for, rather than throwing it away and moving on. something else. Which, for a fairly small studio, was for the most part a difficult decision.
bob1972 (PSN ID)

Good idea
Just a random thought, which probably won’t go anywhere, but I thought about something the other day with my mate. Iconic video game sounds / jingles. I thought this might make an interesting hot topic as to what readers think are their most iconic.

Whether it’s the iconic PS One startup or a Sonic Ring, the Yoshi Outbreak, the Mario play, the original Resident Evil title announcement, the “Seeegaaa” or even the ” Toastieee “from Mortal Kombat, etc. question but hope you will understand my drift. Stay well as the team and thank you for a good job.
D Dubya

CG: It might be worth going there, we’ll see how the box art plays out first.

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Tried before you buy
Are you going to see Toem again? This is a nice little exploration puzzle photography game. I wasn’t sure at first, but I played the demo during Steam Next Fest and was immediately sold. The gameplay is completely puzzle-based, where you explore and take photos using your camera to complete missions and get stamps that take you to the next area. The atmosphere, the humor and the artwork are fantastic. It has just been released on PC. Not sure for consoles though.

Another demo I was sold on was Sable. It shows how a good demo can be a really useful marketing tool. No matter what the research says, I’d do a good demo on any CGI “gameplay” trailer anytime.
Ali K

CG: We’re not sure about Toem but here’s our review of Sable.


Classic compilation
Sega has countless old arcade titles that should be remade for all consoles and PCs. I have so many by emulation. There are so many Sega fans out there just waiting for them to wake up. The only good games that have come out recently are Sonic Mania and, of course, Streets Of Rage 4, which got me hooked.

And Sega isn’t the only company. Nintendo, Capcom, Irem… indefinitely. I would spend my hard earned money on compilation discs full of retro classic games. Who else is with me?

Eexotic artwork
In the 16-bit era I tended to prefer the Japanese box art that I saw in gaming magazines and stores that sold gray imports, it always seemed more exotic than what we have here. I’m mainly thinking of Final Fight and Street Fighter 2 but there were plenty of others.

I like this article on the worst box art, that of Cheggers almost makes me want to look for the game.
John atkinson

Two you see?
Just a warning to say that Digitiser is going to have a Kickstarter for Digitiser Series 2 on YouTube. The Kickstarter starts on Tuesday, September 28. I was going to support him like I supported Series 1. Here is the video for the Kickstarter.
André J.
PS The Escapists is free on the Epic Games Store starting at 4 p.m. Thursday, September 23. It was once offered by Epic, but you can get it now if you missed it before. Hopefully they won’t change the game or games by the time this letter goes to print, as they have done so several times!

Disclosure of backlog
I worked on my backlog recently, so I have a few games to write (but I’ll try to keep them separate).

The first set I want to mention is Resident Evil – I got a collection of Humble Bundles years ago, so I played Resident Evil Revelations.

It’s an interesting game. I played it on the 3DS but gave up after Chris fell a short distance, twisted his ankle and was mutilated by dogs.

This time I played it to the end on the PC. I find this particularly interesting because it is such a reversal of what Resident Evil normally is.
As in, rather than a cheesy, cheesy story with intentionally bad controls, it was a genuinely engaging and surprisingly grounded story, with unintentionally unfathomable controls.

There was a special moment towards the end when I read the diary of a deceased researcher, who felt like he was looking for deadly viruses in order to predict and prevent dangerous outbreaks. A friend of mine was a virologist, and that’s pretty much what they do. It was a very welcome breath of fresh air from every employee in the villainous group, either mean for no reason or just plain stupid (or maybe both).

I then tried to play Revelations 2, which looks good, but was disappointed that I only had the first episode, and I’m not willing to spend more just yet.
Joseph dowland
Now Playing: Resident Evil 6 (PC) and Ys: The Oath In Felghana

CG: Revelations 2 is probably the best cooperative Resident Evil, if you can play it that way.

Inbox also works
I really enjoyed Jon Hare’s interview. There’s an interview with him on the QuicklyKevin podcast, which is great listening, very funny, and insightful into the early days of game development.

I read today that there are strong rumors that Dying Light 2 could be the first day of Game Pass, like Back 4 Blood… do you think there is a lot to this rumor?

gVS : There is no good source for this to our knowledge. It just looks like someone is making an educated guess.

I don’t really have an interest in the Advance Wars remake, but can we all take a minute to appreciate how great the name “re-boot camp” is? The only other title I can think of with this level of pun is an old South American PSP game called Chilli Con Carnage.

CG: Not interested in Advance Wars? We understand the words, but not the meaning.

This week’s hot topic
The subject of this weekend’s inbox was suggested by the notoriouschucky reader, who asks which video game do you feel is worth a full 10/10 rating?

Accepting that 10/10 doesn’t mean something is literally perfect, which game would you give that rating to and why? How well was he rated upon his release and do you think he got the recognition he deserved – and if not, why not?

What makes this particular game better than any sequel or similar game and how much do you expect it to age over time? If it’s already an old game, how has its reputation changed over time and how many lives are there still?

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