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The UK’s most recent news channel marked its tenth week on the air.

As FR News faced with numerous “negative press” from the “left” media, the company produced a series of posters promoting their successes. The chain can only be compared to its counterparts Sky News and BBC News Channel – but that hasn’t stopped some newspapers from comparing it to BBC One ratings or even S4C ratings… when they never did for Sky News or BBC News Channel. So he faced a bitter struggle from the start.

He doesn’t always help himself either. Sky News can boast of often better figures thanks to the distribution of their schedules in increments of 30 minutes, where FR News can have slots of up to three hours – which is generally not good compared to 30 minute offers. It may be something FR News addresses over the weeks.

One thing they’ve updated over the past few weeks is the overall, brighter, and second, the content – there have been several changes to the release with presenters moved across the schedule and new faces hired. .

They also, we think, played a good free publicity game. More like Hello Great Britain on ITV. It is not the most watched breakfast show, returning to BBC One Breakfast – but GMB is the we talk about the most social media breakfast program. Something FR News has managed to become the most talked about news channel thanks to its questioning content and even accidental – if not deliberate – mistakes to get people talking. As someone once said of television – ‘it is better that we talk about it, even negatively, rather than not talking about it at all’.

As FR News reached its 10th week on the air, the channel said they had ‘Beaten Sky News’ Best viewership ratings – 5 times!’, ‘Had the highest viewing time of any UK news channel’, ‘Had nearly a billion visits online’ and a “Gave a voice to those who felt excluded from the national conversation.‘These statements were turned into posters, along with other facts about the network, as an advertisement for the channel.

“We’ve started running, but we’re just getting started! »- GB press release

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