Good Morning Britain’s Dr Hilary warns UK must not ‘look away’ as new variants of Covid emerge

Dr Hilary Jones of Good Morning Britain has warned that we could go back to square one from the coronavirus pandemic if we look away from the ball as new variants emerge.

It comes after the Indian variant became the dominant variant in the UK, it is seen prominently among young people.

GMB presenter Adil Ray said there is still more research to be done on the Indian variant as there are still concerns that it will affect young people more.

In agreement, Dr Hilary told presenters there has been an increase in the number of people hospitalized, which is concerning, but that could be because not all young people have been vaccinated yet.

He said: ‘It looks like a lot of them haven’t been vaccinated so as the Indian variant becomes the dominant strain in the UK which it is now we think it is 67% more transmissible than the Kent variant.

“However, the youngest are therefore more likely to suffer because they have not been vaccinated, there has been an increase in hospitalizations of 15%, which is worrying.

“That’s why we really need to continue the vaccination program.

“If we could vaccinate everyone, we would be in a much better position.”

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Presenter Ranvir Singh then raised concerns that AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccinations would only be 33% effective after a single dose of vaccination.

She then mentioned that as there will still be young people who only received one dose on June 21 when the last of the restrictions are expected to be lifted.

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There are calls for the date to be postponed to reduce the risk of the virus spreading, as a large majority of people will only be protected at 33% against the Indian variant.

When asked if he agreed that there should be a delay in lifting the final restrictions, Dr Hilary replied “absolutely, I do”.

Dr Hilary continued: “We have other variants as well, now there is the Thailand variant which is considered a combination of Kent and Indian.

“Thailand is still on the Amber list, they are not on the red list so we must not take our eyes off the ball for other variations that will emerge.

“There is an argument that we should share our vaccinations with the rest of the world, because as the virus rages around the rest of the world, new variants will occur and they will be imported into the UK and we will be. Back to square one.

“So while we need to have a very good rollout of national vaccines here, we also need to take care of the rest of the world because this is a global pandemic.”

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