Gordon Ramsay, Fred Siriex and Gino D’Acampo’s Road Trip is back – with a big change

TELLY chef Gordon Ramsay has been a busy boy, with filming of the second series of BBC1’s Future Food Stars starting this month and work underway on the ITV version of his US show, Next Level Chief.

But I can reveal that he hasn’t neglected his old pals Gino D’Acampo and Fred Sirieix, as he will be joining them on more of their hilarious road trips next year.


Gordon Ramsay, right, will film a new series of ITV’s Road Trip1 credit

It will come as a relief to fans who were floored by a social media joke post earlier this year when villainous Gino claimed Gordon was too busy to continue their escapades on the ITV show.

A TV insider said: “He’s kind of a victim of his own success right now, and he’s got so much going on that it’s hard to fit it all in.

“He already has some kind of logistical conundrum to coordinate his diary with busy Fred and Gino, and that’s before they try to set up a series of filming locations – which haven’t yet been decided.

“But they are determined to get back on the road as soon as possible and deliver the new show as planned.”

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The Road Trips have enjoyed some success since their launch five years ago with a Christmas special. It was followed by three series, in 2018, 2020 and 2021.

Last year’s series, in which the trio explored all things Greek, was set to continue in Egypt, but was cut short by Covid restrictions.

However, we won’t be without Gordon for long, as Future Food Stars and Next Level Chef will likely be on TV early next year.

I’m sure the much in demand Fred and Gino won’t be twiddling their thumbs until then.

Kova girl Nadiya

STRICTLY’s Nadiya Bychkova wrapped up the BBC1 show’s national live tour earlier this month.

But judging by this photo, nothing can take her away from the glitz and glamor of the ballroom.

Nadiya Bychkova completed the national live tour of the BBC1 show earlier this month


Nadiya Bychkova completed the national live tour of the BBC1 show earlier this month

Nadiya’s new boyfriend – fellow pro Kai Widdrington – was quick to show his appreciation for her look and covered the cute post with a flame and heart emoji on Instagram.

And who can really blame him?

Star trio in Ripper ITV epic

IT already boasts a stellar cast, but now Yorkshire Ripper drama The Longest Shadow has signed another trio of big names.

I can reveal that the sleuths for ITV’s upcoming thriller will include Line of Duty star Lee Ingleby, funny detective Toby Jones and former Wild at Heart actor Stephen Tompkinson.

Stephen Tompkinson will star in The Longest Shadow


Stephen Tompkinson will star in The Longest ShadowCredit: Getty

The news comes after I revealed the show’s lineup will also include Katherine Kelly, Daniel Mays and David Morrissey.

The drama, currently filming in Leeds, aims to explore the wider effects of the Ripper’s reign of terror, which claimed hundreds of victims directly and indirectly.

That’s why The Longest Shadow has such a huge cast, and I’m sure they’ll be joined by other household names later on.

Larkin is fine – Jo

LIKE Ma Larkin on ITV’s The Larkins, she’s not afraid of a bit of rumpy pumpy with her sassy husband, Pop.

And unlike many other actors, Joanna Scanlan isn’t shy about getting naked if the role demands it.

Joanna Scanlan said:


Joanna Scanlan said: “As an actor I have to use everything I have – and one of them is my naked form”Credit: Getty

She told the latest Out To Lunch podcast: “As an actor, I have to use everything I’ve got – and one of them is my naked form . . . if and when it’s usefully deployed.

“I don’t want people looking at me and saying, ‘oh, he’s just a fat old cow!’ I don’t really want that. I’m willing to do that in certain situations.

“But I probably mean on some level ‘Fuck you! to anyone judging others on their appearance.

Probably better, Joanna isn’t applying for Love Island then.

love my face

CHANNEL 4 is preparing a four-part show called Love My Face, which will be led by disability activist Jono Lancaster.

It will follow people with a range of visible facial differences as they seek support, guidance and explore transformative treatments to help them come to terms with or resolve their differences.

New way to watch Cartman

TELLY fans are already spoiled for choice, with more programs and channels to watch than ever.

But that hasn’t stopped a new platform called Paramount+, which is launching today.

Paramount+ launches today and will show episodes of South Park


Paramount+ launches today and will show episodes of South ParkCredit: Alamy

The offerings will range from the Star Trek franchise and the antics of Cartman and his pals in South Park to a prequel based on the British film Sexy Beast.

Content Director Ben Frow said: “The demand for content right now is absolutely huge. Content has never been so king. We have our founder to thank for that phrase, and I truly believe it all comes down to content.

And there’s more good news for Sky Cinema customers: Paramount+ will be available at no extra cost.

Graham: James has a good job

GRAHAM NORTON may be one of Britain’s busiest TV presenters, but he believes James Corden’s stint in the US is a bigger one.

The chat show legend has been linked to James’ work on The Late Late Show, which he will leave next year.

But Graham said: “I love going to America. But working there, especially a job like that, is a job. I don’t do work. I have a good time, I do a show once a week.

“While it’s like joining the priesthood to do this show five nights a week. It’s a good transplant.

“I don’t know how James has done this for as long as he has. Kudos to him!”

The Graham Norton Show airs on BBC America and is a huge hit on both sides of the Atlantic.

“Don’t Explain the Joke”

TASKMASTER star and former Great British Sewing Bee host Joe Lycett has revealed how he was questioned by police after a punter objected to a joke he told on his stand-up show .

He had to explain the background of the gag on the manhood of a donkey.

The cops decided to do nothing.

It’s game over for Diamond

GamesMaster’s ORIGINAL presenter Dominik Diamond has revealed he was snubbed about the show rebooting – after talking to Channel 4 about its return.

The Nineties video game series was revived in 2021 with episodes debuting on E4’s YouTube channel and later on E4.

Dominik Diamond revealed he was snubbed from GamesMaster reboot


Dominik Diamond revealed he was snubbed from GamesMaster reboot

Recently, Sir Trevor McDonald took over from Sir Patrick Moore as the titular GamesMaster.

When asked about the reboot, Dominik said, “I’m not saying there weren’t conversations between me and the producers, but obviously those conversations weren’t fruitful, shall we say.”

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Dominik didn’t watch a particular episode of the reboot because he didn’t want to say anything negative about it – as he’s friends with new host Robert Florence.

He said: “I love him very much and I go back a long way with him.”

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