Have you seen a garland of lights in the sky? Here is what they are!

Just before 10 p.m., several Acadiana residents saw a string of lights twinkling in the sky.

Several viewers called KATC studios to tell us about what they saw; many said it looked like a line of 10-20 stars, flashing rapidly across the sky in a line.

A few viewers were apprehensive about seeing things, but they weren’t: they were a group of “Starlink” satellites owned by SpaceX.

“Starlink is the name of a satellite network that SpaceX is developing to provide global broadband coverage for high-speed Internet access, particularly for people around the world in rural and remote areas. launched over 600 new Starlinks this year, typically launching 60 at a time. As of last week, this puts the number of Starlink satellites currently in orbit at over 1,500. Over the next few years, SpaceX plans to send to minus 12,000 Starlink satellites. Satellite Internet is broadcast into space at a rate that is said to be 47% faster than fiber-optic cable Internet, “according to the EarthSky website.

The company even has a website where you can track the satellites, so you can see the show for yourself: https://findstarlink.com/

Here is a photo of the lights, captured in Acadiana by Brennan Trahan:

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