‘Here are some numbers even he can understand’: Economist slams Shapps’ comments on poverty

April 3, 2022, 4:56 p.m.

Former Treasury official Jeevun Sandher denounced Grant Shapps’ comments on poverty, saying the government ‘can’t just cull starving children or freeze pensioners’.

It comes after Transport Secretary Grant Shapps claimed that ‘poverty is divided into both absolute and relative, and sometimes the way it is presented can be somewhat misleading, to say the least. we can say,” after Sky’s Sophy Ridge told her that hundreds of thousands more children are being pushed into poverty by the cost of living crisis.

Jeevun Sandher, who is an economist at King’s College London, told Natasha Devon: “Relative and absolute poverty, both are expected to increase next year. Absolute poverty will increase by 1.3 million, relative poverty by about 600,000. Now, Grant Shapps doesn’t seem to understand those numbers, but here are some numbers even he can figure out.

“1 in 3 cannot afford to heat their home properly, 1 in 5 struggles financially and 1 in 7 children go hungry in this country, and that was before the 50% increase in fuel prices. energy Friday.”

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Mr Sandher continued: “This Government cannot just define starving children or freeze pensioners. This Chancellor chose to let them go hungry and chose to let them go cold.

“They should at least take responsibility for it and they should definitely change their minds.”

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