How to Capture More Realtor Business Before Spring Buying Season

“I can tell you that now more than ever the agents for the months of January and February are running around, very productive, very busy. And it’s just going to increase exponentially as spring approaches.

If the initiators are to capture more agent partnerships in this busy market, Weaver believes immediacy will be key. Real estate agents will work around the clock to close deals, and their mortgage partners must do the same. Weaver advocates 24/7 availability because in this competitive market where so many homes are looking for cash deals, realtors and their clients need to get the strongest deal as quickly as possible.

Serving agents in this market is going to take commitment and serious work, Weaver explained. While his entire business is designed to serve the buy market, many initiators have focused on refi during this period of historically low rates. Purchasing is more difficult and requires you to maintain pipeline capacity and space during busy shutdowns. Refinances are always tempting these days, and moving towards servicing realtors is a bit of a zero-sum decision.

Nonetheless, Weaver believes mortgage professionals should tackle this buying business now because they think long term. Buying has the long-term sustainability that refinances lack, and real estate agents are the key to that buying volume. If you can serve them now, when they need top-level service most, Weaver explained, you can forge a relationship that will last for years and have a consistent positive impact on your business.

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