Internet calls for Samantha Jones spin-off in London

Samantha Jones is in London, apparently. Or at least, that’s how the creators of the “Sex and the City” spin-off “And Just Like That” wrote the best character on the show. (In fact, there was a salary dispute between actor Kim Cattrall and the producers.)

The spin-off began airing on Sky and Now TV this week without the 65-year-old shagger guru / PR champion. Before the show’s release, the rumor about the character’s whereabouts was that she was going to be killed. The story that the creators of the shows opted for, however? That she fell out with Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda and moved to our beautiful city. “Sexy mermaids in their sixties are still viable there,” he said of London.

The storyline sparked much debate on Twitter. First of all, people wondered where in London sheto be hanging out. Some have suggested that she will make a Princess Diana and make an appearance on RVT. Others were amused by the idea that she supported all the Covid regulations that we had to experiment with.

The main fan appeal though? Backpack And just like that and do a spin-off of Samantha in London.

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