Is the International Space Station visible in the sky tonight?

It’s almost the most important night of the year.

Tonight, the kids will fall asleep knowing that Santa Claus is ready to ride his reindeer sleigh and travel the world, delivering freebies to all who have done well throughout 2021.

Those who would like to get into the festive spirit and who want to follow the journey of Santa Claus, will be happy to know that there will indeed be a luminous object traveling in the sky, visible to the naked eye.

This object is NASA’s International Space Station (ISS), which can be viewed from 6,700 locations around the world.

It’s the third brightest object in the sky, and easy to spot, according to the agency, if you know when to look up.

To the naked eye, it looks like a fast-moving airplane, but much higher and traveling thousands of miles faster, which is why it might pass for Santa’s sleigh.

For those who would like to follow “Santa’s Journey” tonight, NASA has created a searchable map.

Several times a week, experts determine viewing opportunities at more than 6,000 locations around the world, which can be viewed on the NASA website.

Just type in your location here, and the website will tell you if you might be able to spot the ISS.

“If your specific city or town is not listed, choose one that is close enough to you. The space station can be seen a long distance around each of the listed locations, ”said NASA.

Will Santa’s sleigh pass over the UK?

Luckily, the ISS will be visible this Christmas.

According to astronomer Chris Lintott, the ISS, or Santa’s sleigh, will pass over the UK around 6:50 a.m. on Christmas morning.

“An early reminder that there is a spectacular passage of the International Space Station visible from the UK and passing overhead around 6:50 am on Christmas morning,” he tweeted.

“Perfect for signaling to kids who get up early for whatever reason.”

Will Santa’s sleigh pass over the United States?

The ISS will also be visible in parts of the United States over Christmas.

According to the NASA website, it will pass over New York City on Christmas morning around 6:27 a.m. It will be visible for about four minutes.

It will also be visible from Illinois at around 5:27 a.m. for approximately two minutes.

It will not be visible in the western United States, such as California, on Christmas Day.

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