Jeff Stelling unleashes remarkable rant live on Sky Sports after his son was fined £100

The hugely popular broadcaster has shocked viewers after calling a private parking company live on Sky Sports’ Soccer Saturday show after his son was handed a hefty fine

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As a prominent figure at Sky Sports, Jeff Stelling has never been afraid to use his high profile position to air his views on a number of topics.

And today the longtime Soccer Saturday host took to his platform again to issue a grunt – this time about a parking fine for his son.

Stelling took the time to preview today’s matches to take aim at a private parking company associated with League One’s Crewe Alexandra.

Stelling said: “I may have told you this before, but one of my sons is a Brighton fan. He went to see them at Manchester United a few weeks ago.

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Jeff Stelling complained about his son’s parking fine live. (Credit: Sky Sports)

“On the way back he stopped and dropped off a friend who was returning by train from Crewe. He parked in the Crewe Alexandra car park.

“He dropped off his friend, had a sip of water and then left. Then this week we got this (letter) from Parking Eye.

“It’s a parking fine of £100 for, as it says here, five minutes.

“It works out to £1,200 an hour. Honestly, that should be against the law.

“And I don’t blame Crewe Alexandra at all, but they should take a look at who they are associated with because it doesn’t do their reputation any good.”

Many fans have taken to social media to congratulate the veteran presenter and that they can sympathize with Stelling junior.

One wrote: “Jeff calling Crewe Alexandra using Parkingeye – you love to see it.”

Another wrote: “Someone tell @SkySportsNews tell Jeff he’s already breaking the law. £50 cap and 10 minute grace period. Report it to the local MP and stop these Cowboys getting access to the DVLA and our personal data.”

Another wrote: “Jeff Stelling is an absolute hero. Complaining about the parking ticket!! Priceless. Peoples champion. Dreading the day he leaves and Saturdays will be changed forever.”

Jeff’s son, Matt, even took to Twitter, saying, “Thanks for supporting me, Dad!”

Earlier this season, Stelling, 66, announced it would be his last campaign at the helm of the hugely popular Saturday show – which he first joined in 1994.

Stelling will say goodbye to football on Saturday at the end of this season

In October, he announced the news live and received a standing ovation from the panel of former professionals.

Stelling said at the time: “I have loved every moment of my 30 years with Sky, but like every Saturday afternoon, the time has finally come to blow the final whistle.

“I’m proud to have been part of such a winning team for so long and look forward to many more special Soccer Saturday moments for the rest of this season – and maybe even another promotion from Hartlepool United. .”

Stelling – who is chairman of Hartlepool United having grown up in the north-eastern city – has been hailed as a “true broadcasting legend” in a moving tribute from Sky Sports chief executive Jonathan Licht.

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