Jo Wilson announces she has stage 3 cervical cancer

Sky Sports host and presenter Jo Wilson has announced that she is undergoing treatment after being diagnosed with stage three cervical cancer.

The 37-year-old TV personality, who has presented on Sky Sports since 2015, said she was diagnosed after having a routine pap smear in June, during which the illness was discovered.

A month later, further tests showed that 3b cervical cancer had also spread to both of her lymph nodes.

Wilson is currently undergoing chemotherapy as well as radiotherapy and has previously said he lost a stone (3.5 kilograms) due to the adverse effects of the treatment on his body.

Jo opened up about her health diagnosis.

Jo, who now has a 24-month-old daughter named Mabel, was planning on having a pap smear test during her pregnancy, but due to complications that caused her and her daughter to contract sepsis during childbirth, the testing had been suspended until this summer.

In an interview with OKAY! Magazine, Wilson said: “I cried while a lovely nurse held my hand. Then I cried to Dan, and he was quite shocked because he didn’t really think it would be cancer. You desperately hope he there is a chance that this is not the case,

“I said to the doctor, ‘Am I going to die?’ .”

The TV presenter said that while doctors had given her a 70% success rate, the 30% risk of failure was on the minds of new mothers.

She urged other women during Gynecological Cancer Awareness Month not to put off their Pap smear tests to increase their chances of discovering the disease at an early stage.

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