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Keir Starmer was asked about Labor’s proposed implementation of a series of windfall taxes to address soaring energy costs. Sir Keir insisted the proposal would shift the burden from Britons to energy companies earning more than expected due to soaring bills. But Sky News presenter Sophy Ridge pointed out two main flaws in her proposal.

The Sky presenter said: “Isn’t there a concern, firstly, that this exceptional tax is not necessarily passed on to consumers, but also that it could almost discourage further investment in oil of the North Sea at a time when are we facing big questions about our energy security?”

The Labor leader said: “These are windfall taxes. These are taxes on profits that companies never expected to make.

“The global price was higher than they expected, therefore, they made more profit than they expected.

“They used expressions like, ‘We have more money than we know what to do with.’

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“The government’s argument is that we won’t touch it. Instead, we’ve asked families to pay the bills by having a loan they don’t want.

“It just shows the total difference in priorities between the Labor Party wanting to look after the families and the government putting even more pressure on those families.”

Britons have been hit with rising bills due to rising energy prices, which have been further fueled by the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine.

The UK imposed a series of sanctions on Moscow in retaliation for the invasion, adding to pressure on energy companies to meet consumer demands.

Boris Johnson has insisted the UK is now moving away from Russian gas as he warned the switch will leave Britons facing added pressure every day in the months to come.

But Sir Keir insisted a windfall tax would also help offset the costs.

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