Kelly Simmons says there are currently no concerns from the FA over another situation at Coventry United in women’s football | Football news

FA Women’s Professional Football Director Kelly Simmons said Air sports they constantly monitor club budgets to prevent another club from being wound up.

Coventry United were stripped of 10 points by the FA for going into voluntary liquidation last month, but are set to be saved by businessman Lewis Taylor, who aims to finalize his purchase of the women’s championship club next week . Taylor says he will “absolutely” appeal the point deduction.

Some have questioned the severity of the deduction which sees Coventry drop to -4 points and fall to the bottom of the division, 10 points behind 11th-placed Watford.

When asked if the system is flawed, given that the Championship only has 12 clubs playing just 22 games, Simmons spoke of how difficult it is to operate under the existing rules.

“In our rules, [if you are] deemed to have suffered an insolvency event, that’s an automatic 10-point deduction, ”Simmons told Sky Sports WSL main presenter Caroline Barker.

“There is a right of appeal which could describe the situation following a case of force majeure [clause included in contracts to remove liability for natural and unavoidable catastrophes] and this process is still ongoing, so it is probably not appropriate to speak specifically of Coventry.

“I think in terms of the rules they are generally present in professional football at all levels and take non-payment of football’s creditors and creditors very seriously. Part of fair play is making sure that the clubs are spending within their means. We probably have to see how the next few days go and if the club wants to step forward and appeal. “

Simmons herself has spent many hours over Christmas dealing with the situation in Coventry, with player Katie Wilkinson acknowledging the “many conversations” she had with her during this time.

On the point deduction Wilkinson tweeted “better roll up our sleeves then” – So does Simmons agree that point deductions could unfairly harm the players and not the former owners?

“In most situations I think it’s football in the sense that you can sell a club, but the league and the governing body deal with the club. So unfortunately when you are a new owner who happens, this is the situation you buy and inherit. “

The question is whether deterrence will work in the future. Simmons says given Covid and the global situation, it “would be naive not to think there would be repercussions in women’s football.”

She added: “Hardly any business is immune. I wouldn’t predict that there won’t be bumps in the road in the future. We work with our clubs every day, we know that new investments are coming… we have no concerns at this time. “

As for the immediate impact on the rest of the league, Covid has seen a number of games canceled already, but despite that, Simmons says they’re still on track to finish the season.

She said: “Obviously we are doing everything we can with the clubs to make sure the matches are played. [The FA has] a number of storylines … but at the moment we’re on the right track. Our priority is the safety of the players, but if the club has the required number of players, they are expected to play. “

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Coventry United’s Anna Wilcox says it sounds ‘almost too good to be true’ after deal has been reached to save the club from liquidation

Despite the setbacks of the past two years, Simmons says she looks forward to a promising 2022 and a future where the WSL is held apart from the FA.

“We are making really positive progress and the discussions we are having with the clubs and their future ownership review,” added Simmons.

“Looking at what is the optimal ownership for the Super League and the Women’s Championship in the long run, the FA is there to come to an agreement with the clubs on the best and most appropriate way for these leagues to be run.

“We are discussing the creation of a new full-fledged autonomous society, much like in men’s football. We have worked a lot on what that might look like. These discussions are ongoing and probably by the summer, we should have more on that. “

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