MANX SKY AT NIGHT – APRIL 2022 – Manx Sky At Night

Manx sky at night

Sunday April 24, 2022 – 28 minutes

As usual, it’s a podcast of two halves!
Astronomer Howard Parkin begins with an overview of some of the things we can see in our island’s dark skies during the month of May – the planets all visible in the morning sky; Venus and Jupiter very close and the possibility of a spectacular meteor storm around May 14, with a lunar eclipse on May 16 – Howard has all the details in this month’s schedule. He also has an update on a great story regarding the Isle of Man Astronomical Society Observatory….

After the musical break – Frank Sinatra’s very appropriate Fly Me To The Moon – Howard will update us on the incredible amount of activity in space! Among other topics, he talks about the Axiom mission, the launch of NASA’s SLS, the postponement of Exomars – and the latest news on the incredible James Webb Telescope….

Howard is always happy to receive your comments or questions – email him – [email protected]

The next edition of Manx Sky at Night will take place on the last Sunday in May – May 29, 2022 – broadcast live at 9.30pm and available immediately afterwards as a podcast

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