Martin Lewis’ advice to Sky customers that could save you £492 a year

Martin Lewis has urged Sky customers to follow his latest advice which saved one person £492 a year.

The money-saving expert has offered a valuable suggestion that anyone paying for a Sky contract can take advantage of. During the Cost of Living special, the financial reporter described the best advice while co-presenting with Susanna Reid.

While speaking with viewers, Martin Lewis received a message from a man saying he had saved £41 a month on his Sky package thanks to Martin Lewis’ expertise. He told Brits to watch their Sky packages and save where they can, Express reports.

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Mr Lewis advised people to phone Sky and ask to be put through to the cancellations. According to him, this department will be committed to keeping customers rather than losing them.

He added that many Britons could benefit from canceling their Sky package, choosing a cheaper broadband-only deal and seeing if they can meet their TV needs elsewhere. During the broadcast, newsreader Charlotte Hawkins said messages were already coming in from viewers thanking him for his valuable advice.

As the cost of living crisis continues and more and more families are under pressure to make ends meet, the TV money man has revealed some tips for making your books grow. These include making money playing video games or getting Amazon vouchers to take surveys.

He also gave tips on how to grow your money and earn money from unused items in your home.

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