Nanjing Man’s “Girlfriend” (Another Man) Scams 350K

An online dating scam in a textbook recently resulted in a young Nanjing man losing 350,000 out of his pocket, after the “girl” he met online turned out to be a successful man. convince to repeatedly transfer money on behalf of loans. .

On September 26 last year, Xiao Li, a young man living in Nanjing, met someone on an online forum, one of them calling himself “Jiang Yaowang”. After the two added to WeChat, Jiang sent Li a series of selfies. The two chatted speculatively and, over time, agreed that they were a couple.

A little naively, Li (21) did not expect a large net to deploy to trap him at this point.

Soon after deciding on their union, his “girlfriend”, now nicknamed Yao Yao, asked Li if “she” could borrow money, promising to meet him later. Li didn’t think too much about it and therefore agreed, transferring the requested amount to “her”.

What followed was a virtually endless series of requests for more borrowing. At one point, Yao Yao even sent Li a copy of his alleged Chinese ID card. Seeing the anxiety of his “girlfriend,” Li felt helpless and distressed. After all, he had fallen in love.

Meanwhile, Li had also requested that they both have a video voice call, but each time Yao Yao refused, with excuses such as “Something’s going on at home” and “No time. I am at the hospital ” .

Best Online Dating Lines Used To Scam More Loans

In 3 months, Li transferred over 350,000 to Yao Yao, through no less than 42 transactions. Of the 17,000 conversations between the two, 60 percent included Yao Yao asking for money for various reasons.

  • “My father is in the hospital and is in urgent need of money for save lives,heart bypass surgery”(父亲 住院 , 急需 救命 钱 做 心脏 搭桥 手术)
  • “Money needed for online car deposit” (跑 网 约 车 赚钱 需要 押金)
  • “The line car ride had an accident” (租 网 约 车 出 车祸)
  • “Black Market Debt Collectors Look For Loan Repayment Online” (网 贷 遭遇 黑社会 讨债)
  • “[I] will come to your city immediately to marry you ”(馬上 就 到 你 的 子市 嫁給 你)
  • “[I] devote my life to thanking you ”(會 以身相許 來 感謝 你)

Ultimately, Li realized that he owed too much money and began to urge Yao Yao to pay him back. Yao Yao replied that “his mother” would help pay off the debt; soon the “mother” also asked Li for loans.

With her online loan coming due and late on her credit card payments, Li could no longer continue and reported the matter to the police.

So it happened that on January 18, Li asked Yao Yao to meet and talk at a hotel in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, after notifying the police in advance. However, when Li arrived at the planned place, he met a young man, who claimed to be a rental agent for an online car reservation company, reported. The paper February 22.

The police brought the man back to the station for questioning and found out that his name was Jiang (31) from Hangzhou, and that he was also in fact Jiang Yaowang, Li’s “girlfriend” on WeChat. . Jiang then admitted that he used pictures of beautiful women on the Internet and pretended to be Yao Yao, his mother, and others in order to deceive Li.

At present, the suspect has been detained by the Hangzhou Xiaoshan District police, and the case is under further investigation.

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