Nedum Onuoha tells Man City star Phil Foden he can match Kylian Mbappe

James Milner shouldn’t feel too bad about his struggles this weekend as Phil Foden reportedly did the exact same to Trent Alexander-Arnold.

That was the opinion of former Manchester City defender Nedum Onuoha, who joined the The city is our team for a Facebook Live Tuesday to resume the 2-2 draw at Anfield and the season so far for Pep Guardiola’s men.

Foden’s exhilarating performance in Merseyside, where he scored the first of two second-half tying goals for the visitors, was one that Onuoha enjoyed watching, albeit with some sympathy for his former teammate Milner.

The veteran former England international replaced Trent Alexander-Arnold on Sunday, although Onuoha believes a ruthless Foden would have tormented anyone unhappy enough to play right-back against him.

He said: “The way Phil was with James on the weekend is an older player’s worst nightmare. Someone so talented who will make you play the game – no questions asked, no letting go. , without “I like you, I’m going to be nice”, which can sometimes happen in football.

“Here’s a hot spot for you too – even though Milner didn’t have his best game, I think Milner is still better defensively than Trent would have been.

“What Phil did to James, I think he would have done to Trent. As good as Trent goes ahead, you hear the questions about him going the other way.

They were all smiles afterward, but Foden was furious that he didn’t get a penalty or free kick for Milner’s challenge.

“Last season when City beat Liverpool there, Raheem really took Trent to town. Whoever would have played Liverpool right-back in this game is going to be under pressure.

“These more talented young players, you can’t just kick them and leave one on them early like you used to to frustrate them. They bounce back and are ready to attack you again, and now you’re at a disadvantage because you’ve been booked. It can be very hard. “

Onuoha was then asked how far he thought Foden could go in the global game and responded by saying, unequivocally, that the sky is the limit.

He added: “In my life watching football, the best of the best have been Ronaldo and Messi of yesteryear.

“Right now I don’t think Phil is Ronaldo or Messi, but I think he can be as good as the people who come right up behind. I think he can be referred to on the world stage as the one of the best.

PARIS, FRANCE - SEPTEMBER 28: Phil Foden of Manchester City kisses Neymar of PSG during the UEFA Champions League Group A match between Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City at Parc des Princes on September 28, 2021 in Paris, France.
Neymar was one of the PSG stars who wanted a piece of Phil Foden full time

“In terms of timing, the fact that these two players are in their thirties, why wouldn’t you aspire to be part of the conversation? People praise a Kylian Mbappe and someone like that – why can’t we talk about Phil the same way?

“And it’s mind-blowing because you’re talking about someone at City who is from Manchester. I think he is capable of doing anything and the best thing is that he keeps improving.

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“He’s very capable of being the best player in the Manchester City squad, which says a lot because they’re one of the best teams I’ve ever seen.

“You can see the players respect him a lot. After the PSG game, when everyone was doing post-game hugs and all that, there were a few people trying to join Phil.

“When your peers appreciate who you are and you get even better, let’s just say your cap is very, very high. “

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