Newscaster caught calling UK Conservative MP Steve Baker an obscenity following heated interview

A British news presenter has unreservedly apologized to a Tory MP for calling him an ac**t in an off-air moment after what he described as a ‘robust interview’.

Channel 4 presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy clashed in an interview with Northern Ireland Minister Steve Baker on Wednesday over the resignation of Home Secretary Suella Braverman.

Despite the interview ending, the live stream remained on, unbeknownst to Mr Guru-Murthy, who continued to rip the MP off the air.

In footage that has been shared widely online, the broadcaster can be heard saying, “It wasn’t a stupid question, Steve, you know that. I’m very happy to face you on [Prime Minister Liz Truss] any day. What an act.”

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Mr Guru-Murthy has since issued a creeping apology in what he says is an “unguarded moment”.

“After an extensive interview with MP Steve Baker, I used a very offensive word in an unguarded moment,” he said in a tweet on Thursday.

“Although it has not been released, this word in any context is below the standards I have set for myself and I unreservedly apologize.

“I contacted Steve Baker to apologize.”

Mr Baker, MP for Wycombe in Buckinghamshire, responded to the tweet, saying: “I appreciate your apologies. Thank you.”

However, the politician has since called on Channel Four to sack Mr Guru-Murthy.

“It’s very unfortunate that he swore on air like that,” he said.

“If it’s in breach of his code of conduct, I hope they fire him – that would be a service to the public.”

The couple clashed in a heated interview over Ms Braverman’s resignation after sending a sensitive document from her personal email.

Mr Baker supported the MP throughout the interview and remained adamant that she had shown ‘high integrity’ in tendering her resignation.

The MP said he believed had it not been for the blunder, Ms Braverman would have continued in that role – a statement Mr Guru-Murthy disputed.

Ms Braverman was appointed Home Secretary on September 6 and is the second senior cabinet minister to leave the Truss government last week.

“Earlier today, I sent an official document from my personal email to a trusted parliamentary colleague as part of political engagement and with the aim of gaining support for government policy on migration,” Ms. Braverman said in her resignation letter.

“This is a technical breach of the rules.

“I made a mistake, I accept responsibility, I resign.”

Prime Minister Liz Truss said she was grateful for Ms Braverman’s service, but said it was important that the ministerial code was upheld and that cabinet confidentiality was respected.

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