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Norwich sporting director Stuart Webber has lent his support to boss Daniel Farke, insisted the Canaries can survive in the Premier League and hit back at critics who have questioned the club’s ambition.

Last season’s league winners were beaten 7-0 at Chelsea on Saturday and remain bottom of the Premier League table, with just two points in their opening nine games.

Norwich finished 20th in the Premier League in 2019/20 before bouncing straight back last season, but Webber is confident they can always avoid a similar fate this time around – and says Farke is the right man for lead them towards this goal.

“Of course,” said Webber, when asked by Sky Sports if the manager still has the club’s support. “The situation here is not one person’s fault. When we win it’s not one person, when we lose it’s not one person.

“Me and the club are 100% behind him. We’re in this situation. It’s not ‘he’s in this situation’ or ‘the players are in this situation’. We all are. And we all have to do it. better because what we produce per minute is not good enough.

“We all have to get up and bite the mouth guard and start backing up. What we have produced so far has not been good enough and the only people who can change that are us. It doesn’t depend. not from one person.

“It was a tough day at the office [at Chelsea], an embarrassing defeat for us. For everyone in every part of the club, it hurts a lot and it should. We have two options now, we can sulk or use that energy to bounce back and prove that we can do a lot better and start winning games. “

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Norwich’s recent relegations and promotions have resulted in them being labeled as a ‘yo-yo’ club, but Webber strongly refutes any suggestion that they are not doing all they can to get out of this cycle.

Norwich spent £ 31.9million on new signings during the summer transfer window and attracted more permanent signings – 10 – than any other party.

Webber says the investment underscores Norwich’s determination to compete in the top flight and says it’s now up to everyone at the club to prove their skeptics wrong.

“We don’t accept that yo-yo tag or ‘they gave up’ or ‘they accepted relegation.’ No, not at all,” he said. “It’s not good enough for this football club and if anyone thinks it, it won’t last very long at this football club.

“We have to be better than that. Two years ago we were relegated and we understood the reasons. I took full responsibility for it, it was absolutely mine. But the second time it was. was about coming back stronger and better and I will not accept – and we will not accept that None of us will at this club because we know we are good enough to stay and compete in this league.

“We are the 11th most spendthrift in Europe. Sure criticize us for spending badly if that’s what people think, but don’t blame us for not spending because it’s not the truth. People say we are not going to try, it is completely unfair.

Norwich City's Billy Gilmour shot dead in Premier League match at Carrow Road
Norwich remain winless in the Premier League so far this season

“If you look at what we’ve been doing at this club over the past few years in terms of infrastructure, now we have a training ground that would be anywhere in the Premier League top 10 in terms of level We have we have a thriving academy that continues to produce young players, we have 22,000 subscribers… I’m sure there are a lot of clubs that would like to swap places with us on this.

“We have a lot of talented players, we have a strong team, a team that is so much deeper and stronger than it has ever been for this football club.

“For the people who say that, they got their facts wrong. By all means, criticize us and say we did it wrong, but don’t say we didn’t try or that we didn’t. haven’t spent any money because it’s lazy and people haven’t done their research.

“Part of me appreciated how we got written off because it means when we come back we can really push a few people around. We have to prove people wrong. I know we can do it. [stay up]. I have never had so much faith in the players, the staff and the management to do it as a club as a whole.

“But the only way to do that is to work hard, believe and show a little bottle. Not to hide, not to make excuses or to throw people under the bus. We have to take control and put our destiny in our hands. “

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