Ofcom facilitates the change of broadband service provider

About four in ten said they were staying with their current plan due to hassles with different carriers, regulator Ofcom said. One in four people said they had faced unwanted attempts from their provider trying to persuade them to stay.

Households were also reluctant to switch from the Openreach network to those using their own cables, such as Virgin Media or CityFibre.

Ofcom said the new rules mean the change could be made in a day and no longer involve households that need to liaise with the two companies.

The old rules meant that customers could move between businesses on the Openreach copper network – including BT, Sky, and TalkTalk – by only contacting the new service.

But other companies using their own cable network will also be covered by the simpler process.

Their number increases with the deployment of very high speed and includes CityFibre, Virgin Media and Hyperoptic.

Suppliers will also have to compensate customers if things go wrong and they are left without service for more than one business day. Notice period charges beyond the change date will also be prohibited.

All broadband networks must enroll in the “One Touch Switch” process in place by April 2023 to give businesses enough time to effectively upgrade their systems.

Lindsey Fussell, Director of Ofcom’s Networks and Communications Group, said: “Household finances are strained, so switching broadband service providers could help lower your bills.

“We make it as easy as possible for you to break away from your broadband service provider and take advantage of the offers on offer. ”

A BT spokesperson said the plans were welcome and urged TV subscription services to launch a similar program, adding: “We want to make switching broadband service providers as easy as possible for consumers, regardless of the network they are on.

“By allowing customers to simply notify their new supplier, we believe this process will do just that.

“We also want the new process to extend to the change of pay TV provider, so that the benefits of seamless switching are not compromised for those who opt for a ‘triple play’ voice, broadband and TV package. paying. “

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