Piers Morgan: Prince Andrew is a ‘whiny little coward’ after promising ‘substantial donation’ to settle sexual assault lawsuit

Piers Morgan says Prince Andrew’s attempt to settle his sexual assault trial for a large sum of money is the ‘seriousest scandal’ to hit the monarchy in modern times, as he demanded that all of his titles and remaining privileges are stripped.

British broadcaster Piers Morgan has called Prince Andrew a ‘whiny little coward’ after pledging an undisclosed sum to settle a sexual assault lawsuit with accuser Virginia Giuffre.

Morgan, who is set to host a new show on Sky News Australia in the coming months, said Andrew’s ‘massive cheque’ protected him from having to face a humiliating court battle, but he didn’t there was “no way to return to any form of public life”. “.

On Tuesday, attorneys for the Duke and Ms Giuffre filed a joint letter with the US District Court saying the two sides had reached an “agreement in principle”.

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According to court documents, Andrew ‘regrets’ his association with sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein and intends to make a ‘substantial donation’ to Ms Giuffre’s charity ‘to support victims’ rights’.

The former Good Morning Britain presenter has slammed the Queen’s son for walking away from the trial over a large sum of money, once again demonstrating what the ‘rich and powerful’ have to offer.

“We don’t know how much Andrew paid Giuffre, although it will be several million dollars, including a substantial donation to his victims’ rights charity,” Morgan wrote in a column for The Sun.

“But we do know that by paying a massive check to avoid a confrontation in court, he confirmed himself to be a whiny little coward whose denials and demands weren’t worth the paper they were written on.

“And we also know that by doing this he destroyed what’s left of his shattered reputation.”

The Duke of York has repeatedly denied claims he forced Ms Giuffre to have sex with him on three occasions between 2000 and 2002.

In the statement, Andrew pledged to “demonstrate his regret for his association with Epstein by supporting the fight against the evils of sex trafficking.”

But Morgan says he is the “very last person” a victim needs support.

“The very last person a victim of perverted sex trafficking needs support from is a man who hung out for years with two perverted sex traffickers and has just paid huge sums of money to avoid being tried for his own alleged involvement and participation,” Morgan wrote.

“So he threw in the towel and handed out the dollars to get himself out of rapping, which at least will spare his poor mother, his family and the country more from this deeply unedifying saga.”

Morgan described his recent actions as the ‘gravest scandal’ for the monarchy ‘in modern times’ and there can be ‘no return to any form of public life’ as he called for the removal of titles and privileges remains of the duke.

“Andrew has shown that once again it’s one rule for the rich and powerful, another for the rest.

“There can be no return to any form of public life for the Queen’s mate, and some say her favorite son.

“He must be immediately stripped of all remaining titles and privileges that come with being a prince and sent to the ignominious obscurity his appalling behavior demands.”

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