Premier League to stay clear of Palestinian flag as big stars show support – John Cross

Premier League chiefs have decided to leave the display of Palestinian flags by famous stars to their clubs to sort it out.

But it causes major tensions in football, especially because there is reluctance from the Premier League, the Football Association and Kick It Out to get involved.

The general rule is that nothing prevents players from flying a national flag like Paul Pogba did at Old Trafford this week or Leicester’s duo Wesley Fofana and Hamza Choudhury at Wembley after the FA Cup final.

However, a video emerged of a steward in Tottenham ordering Spurs fans to hoist an Israeli flag.

Paul Pogba and Amad Diallo displayed the Palestinian flag after their match against Fulham this week

But key members of the Jewish community insist that while displaying a flag is not a political statement, it clearly marks a point during the heightened tensions in the Israel-Gaza conflict.

The FA fought over the wearing of poppies at Wembley while Pep Guardiola was also warned about wearing a badge supporting Catalonia’s independence.

But no one seems ready to get involved in this one. It was noted that there were loud boos at Wembley when the players took the knee at Wembley and again at White Hart Lane on Wednesday and the feeling was that there could have been a backlash because their issue is being ignored .

A Jewish supporter wrote to FA chief executive Mark Bullingham: “Last weekend we saw a frightening display of overt anti-Semitism on the streets of London. Unprovoked attacks against Jews are on the rise.

“As noted above, the FA has taken a very proactive stance in favor of Black Lives Matter. You have a moral duty to do the same for the Jewish community. You have to make it very clear to the players that the display of Palestinian flags fuels the flames of anti-Semitism. “

The FA sent a generic response to the supporter who said: “We can confirm that it is not a violation of FA rules that internationally recognized national flags are displayed, either on the playing field or by the players. supporters in the stadium, as they are not considered to be a discriminatory, political or religious message or symbol. “

Tottenham has traditional ties to Judaism
Tottenham has traditional ties to Judaism

Kick It Out declined to comment, suggesting it was a complex question. The Premier League has said it will leave it to the clubs to resolve with their players. But he now has a potential backlash against other anti-racism campaigns because their activists have remained silent.

Tottenham, at least, has a policy. He said in a statement: “The Club has always considered that a football match is the time to show allegiance to a football team above all else.

“A football match is not a suitable arena for displaying flags of any political or religious affiliation or anything that could be considered inflammatory – this can include national flags in times of political conflict, campaigning or trouble. “

Woe to the Euros supporters

England fans should be left behind amid the chaos of Euro banknotes.

UEFA reimbursed fans with tickets this week, insisting they will have priority if more are allowed into the stadiums.

However, significant corporate packages are still available and fans are also upset as many bought tickets when the exchange rate was just over a euro to £ 1, now it has gone up and they are being refunded in euros.

Many English fans are far from happy with UEFA
Many English fans are far from happy with UEFA

One supporter bought around £ 2,000 worth of tickets, which means they are £ 200 on current exchange rates.

Meanwhile, UEFA is insisting on corporate packages whereby euro ticket money is vital for national member associations and fans have the option of not buying if they don’t want to.

Villa to support Smith

Aston Villa boss Dean Smith has made huge strides this season, but the second half of the season has rather faded away.

However, Smith has done more than enough to convince the owners that he is the man to move the club forward and Villa intends to strengthen the market again this summer.

Maguire is about to win euros

Harry Maguire is a major doubt for the Europa League final – but will be named to the England squad for the Euro next Tuesday.

The BBC’s gross omission of euros

The BBC announced its composition in euros on Thursday – but there was a glaring omission on the part of its presenters.

Micah Richards will be a Euro expert
Micah Richards will be a Euro expert

While there is diversity in their roster of experts, from Micah Richards to Thierry Henry, there are no people of color listed in the release when it comes to ‘lead and cope’. their cover. Presenters to you and me.

Gary Lineker, Gabby Logan, Eilidh Barbour and Mark Chapman will lead television and radio coverage. Steve Crossman, Emma Saunders and Chapman present on 5Live.

When will that ever change?

A BBC spokesperson said: “The BBC is very proud of its diverse and talented lineup for Euro 2020, which reflects all of the competing national nations.”

TOWIE Wright flops star

Sky Sports used TOWIE reality TV star Mark Wright on his midweek show as he was a studio expert on Newcastle’s match with Sheffield United.

But it has been very negative on social media – and it will be interesting to see if he is recalled.

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