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After the GAA Special Congress does not pass a league restructuring on Saturday, what will be the next step for the All Ireland Championship format? And what can we learn from the failure of the “Proposition B” motion?

Last update: 10/24/21 10:59 am

The All-Ireland Championship will remain largely unchanged for 2022, with the introduction of the Tailteann Cup

Before the introduction of the “backdoor” system for the 2001 championship, a more radical proposal had been rejected the previous year.

Nonetheless, with a changing mood in the air, the GAA returned and found another solution to meet the growing demand to modify structures.

Over the next few years, minor adjustments were made to iron out creases, but the format served the sport well for over a decade.

Over time, it is no longer suitable for its use. And something new is needed.

The result of motion 19;  the vote on proposal B

The result of motion 19; the vote on proposal B

Day one of the 2021 soccer championship was not the grand opening one would expect from top competition in a sport.

Mayo defeated Sligo, Kerry dismissed Clare, and Limerick hammered Waterford by a combined margin of 55 points.

The vast majority of provincial championship games this summer were one-sided competitions.

Such trends will continue into 2022, where the first few weeks of the campaign see the big guns slaughter the smaller fish.

Discrepancies are frequently observed in the current format

Discrepancies are frequently observed in the current format

No mandate for proposal B, but a mandate for change

Few would dispute that the All Ireland Football Championship needs a change.

At the Croke Park Special Convention, a 50.6% majority in the GAA Special Convention voted in favor of a particular restructuring, but it did not reach the 60% required for “Proposition B” to be implemented. implemented.

Those opposed to the motion did not defend the current configuration, rather than digging holes in the proposed format in question.

The vote did not reach the threshold for implementing this change. But it should be clear from Saturday’s deliberations that there is a mandate for change going forward.

Voting took place by secret ballot

Voting took place by secret ballot

“Everyone who stood up said we want change,” said association president Larry McCarthy. after. McCarthy had called on delegates to “be brave” earlier in the week.

“Even the people who voted against indicated they wanted a change. 50.6% of the delegates want a change. So it’s a case that we’re going to go back, we don’t just want that particular change, and so we’re going to go back and review that.

“We’re going to think about that and think about it a bit. And I suspect we’re going to form a group to look at the changes that have been suggested. “

Proposal B has garnered significant support

Proposal B has garnered significant support

Kerry GAA chairman Tadhg Ó Murchú was among those calling for a postponement of the vote.

“It’s a really strong movement with very good attributes and something that we should really consider,” he said.

“But I would caution that it would be a travesty today if the motion were brought forward and defeated. All of the committee’s work would be wasted.

“I think the motion has huge attributes, but maybe we should go to the provinces and invite the county officers and the players to have their point of view. If we come back in 12 or 13 weeks with the same motion, so no one can say we haven’t discussed it properly. Perhaps bringing this motion to Congress 2022 is the best solution to the situation we find ourselves in. “

In fact, the GAA had postponed the vote twice, first since the February Congress to allow for in-person debate, and then since September 18 when the GAA decided it needed more time for discussion.

With the extended introduction, the issue received considerable airtime in the media, clubs and general discussions.

Some shortcomings have been reported and valid concerns have been raised.

Nonetheless, gamers expressed overwhelming support, with 80% of respondents to a GPA survey opting for the change.

If not now, when is a good time to change structures? Has Larry McCarthy’s call for bravery fallen on deaf ears?

But change is coming. Debate will continue over the next few months, and some of the unpopular aspects of Proposal B may be addressed before a new motion is brought forward.

Saturday afternoon did not turn out to be the seismic day many had hoped for. But we can look at this in the years to come as the day when an important step has been taken towards a superior championship structure.

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