‘Scary Lights’, ‘Flashes of Light’ and ‘UFOs’ Spotted in Merseyside Sky

From oddly shaped “spooky lights”, many mysterious things have been spotted in the Merseyside skies this year.

Some people have managed to capture the weird events on video as they happened from their doorstep.

In November, “flashes of light” were filmed in Moreton as residents were taken aback by what they might be.

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Craig Reynolds, of Moreton, was one of the people who managed to capture the Strange Lights.

Speaking to ECHO, Craig said the flashes had been turned on and off “at least an hour before” he captured it on video.

He said the lights then changed color from white to orange.

But that was one of many incidents and we’ve rounded up some of our region’s most exciting and unexplained sightings this year.

‘Strange Lights’ Spotted Hovering in Merseyside Sky

Mysterious lights over Merseyside

In September, people watched “spectacular” lights in the sky as an “unidentified flying object” appeared to hover in the air.

The shiny object appeared to stay still for several minutes before disappearing from view.

Peter Forrest, 49, of Stockbridge Village told ECHO: “He just stood there. We saw him and went back to get the phone.

“But it just stood still, it was weird. Very, very weird.”

The people of Wirral also saw the “strange” lights and took to social media to share what they thought it was.

Its appearance was linked to the launch of the Atlas V rocket.

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A couple “baffled” by mysterious lights in the sky

Kelly Thompson was on her way to Wales when she saw something scary in the sky
Kelly Thompson was on her way to Wales when she saw something scary in the sky

Kelly Thompson, 29, and her partner Stuart Marshall, 35, were driving on the M6 ​​between Liverpool and Manchester on November 18 around 6:45 p.m. when they saw mysterious lights in the sky above them.

The couple, from Birmingham, were traveling on the motorway to their trailer in Rhyl for a weekend.

Kelly said: “We were driving and saw these weird lights in the sky, I couldn’t really explain it.

“At first I thought it was something projecting into the sky from the ground, but I kept looking around and couldn’t see anything.

“We then drove directly under them and took pictures because I couldn’t explain it. I was baffled.

“I was in the car with my partner and he could see it too and was wondering what it was.”

After seeing the lights and not knowing what they might be, Kelly took to the internet to see if she could find out what she had seen.

She told The ECHO: “I started trying to google what I saw, but it’s hard to express, you know.

“I wentogle for UFO sightings but it was not helpful at all.

“I also told my friends about it and the first thing they said was ‘oh that’s a UFO’, but I’m on the fence with that sort of thing.”

The live global map of satellite positions shows a SpaceX Starlink satellite heading north Wales towards Stoke-on-Trent as the couple were on the highway.

Launched by entrepreneur Elon Musk, the satellites are known to be visible from the ground at night and in the morning.

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Orange object spotted in the sky above Bootle

Orange light spotted at Bootle
Orange light spotted at Bootle

A mysterious “comet-like” object was spotted in the Merseyside sky in October.

It was filmed by a worker at the Port of Liverpool in Bootle, who was stunned by what he saw.

The object had a large, flaming tail and was pulling away into the distance when spotted by a man in the area.

He said: “It was around 8:30 am and I was there at Alexandra Pier when I looked up and saw him.

“I took out my camera and shot the video – there were actually two of the objects in the sky but I couldn’t record the other.

“I thought it must have been a comet or something. The object was moving away from me at that point and finally it was no bigger than an orange dot.”

He added: “I have no explanation for this. I showed the video to a few people and they thought it looked like a rocket or a missile. Only one thought it was probably aliens or a UFO.

“I’ve never seen anything like it before, but everyone had different opinions about it. I’ve been trying to figure it out all day.”

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Mystery as bright lights are seen ‘falling’ across Merseyside sky

Strange lights in St Helens
Strange lights in St Helens

A man was left confused after spotting strange lights in the sky over St Helens in February.

Aiden Macartain was driving to work on Liverpool Road in St Helens around 6.30am when he noticed the bright lights appearing to be falling in different directions above him.

The 43-year-old managed to capture them on camera, but was puzzled as to what they might be.

He said that at the time he thought the most likely explanation was that the lights were from a light aircraft display.

He told ECHO: “At first I thought it was a plane but saw five or six in different places and descending at different places.

“It was like falling lights, I was stunned when I saw it.

“I sent the videos to my wife and she said she had no idea. It looked like something had broken in the sky.

“It was definitely not a commercial or military aircraft, I guess it was some kind of light aircraft display.”

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Dog walker spots ‘UFO’ after seeing bright light moving across sky

Anthony Douglas, 30, took video of the strange UFO
Anthony Douglas, 30, took video of the strange “stop start” UFO he saw over Huyton in the early hours of Wednesday morning (July 14).

A man taking his dogs for a nighttime walk was surprised to see a strange light that stopped and started in the sky.

Anthony Douglas, 30, was walking his dogs with his partner in Huyton just after midnight in July.

An unusual light moving in the sky caught his attention, so he started recording a video of the event with his phone.

Anthony told ECHO: “I was playing Pokemon Go on my phone and for some reason I looked up and we both saw something cross the sky very slowly.

“When we looked there was a little behind but there was no flashing light or nothing – it was crazy.”

Anthony, who owns several Mastiffs among other large dogs, said he walks them regularly at night because it’s easier.

The 50-second video he shot follows the small light in the sky.

Anthony said he believed in UFOs and had seen a few things he couldn’t explain in the past.

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Flashes of light and “luminous clouds” spotted in the Merseyside sky

Laura, who works nights, said she couldn't believe her eyes when she was near Newsham Park in Tuebrook and spotted the clouds shining in the Merseyside sky.
Laura, who works nights, said she couldn’t believe her eyes when she was near Newsham Park in Tuebrook and spotted the clouds shining in the Merseyside sky.

A woman said she couldn’t believe what she was seeing when she spotted brilliant clouds of eerie colors over Merseyside.

Laura, who works nights, said she saw the strange phenomena in the early hours of the morning in June this year.

She was on duty when she looked up to see the clouds shining and quickly captured a video on her phone.

Laura told ECHO: “I work near the old meat market near Prescot Road. I was near Newsham Park looking towards the Wirral.

“He was heading for the Wirral – across the sky.

“I saw the flashes of light and at first I thought oh, is that the thunder and the lightning, but no bang came.

“I thought it wasn’t real, something was wrong about it.

“It was like a dull flash and then it would turn bright, like going through the brightness settings of a torch.”

Laura said the constantly changing eerie brightness of the clouds lasted for hours.

She said the video she took shows the clouds lighting up through different levels of light before stopping and then starting again.

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