School Apologizes, Offer Refund After £ 3.50 ‘Pathetic’ Christmas Lunch | UK News

A school has apologized for the Christmas lunch that was served to students after a parent shared their “disbelief” over the meager meal.

Steyning Grammar School and Sixth Form College at West Sussex said he was offering a refund after parent Ciaran Walsh posted a photo on Twitter of the meal his daughter received yesterday.

The image showed a dry white bun with a slice of turkey, along with a single pig on the cover, a small portion of stuffing, and a chopped pie.

Mr Walsh, who works as a sound designer, said in his tweet to Bohunt Education Trust, which runs the school: “Thank you for the Christmas lunch served to our children at Steyning Grammar yesterday, really filled them with joy. festive! “

He added that his daughter only ate the meat pie after being struck with a “feeling of disbelief” during the meal that was served.

Mr Walsh said: “The feeling I got was that most of this stuff went in the trash. For most children there was this feeling of disbelief that this was what they were doing. had.

“You want your kids to have the best and Christmas is a time when a special meal is part of it, and it wasn’t special in a good way.”

Some parents shared images of the lunch and their reactions to a local public Facebook page.

One parent wrote: “I am really upset about this. Is this really the food I’m paying for? Here, I thought a packed lunch would be a bad substitute for a school-cooked meal. How can children be expected to concentrate and know if this is the kind of food they are receiving. Is there someone from the school who can reassure us that the level is not always so bad?

Another said: “Shameful, £ 3.50 for a bun, a piece of turkey, a little piece of sausage and a bit of stuffing! And there was nothing else available for those who didn’t. didn’t choose Christmas lunch. Devilish. “

“They should be ashamed of themselves, what a pathetic excuse for dinner let alone Christmas dinner,” was the reaction of another.

The school sent parents an email which first said the students “really enjoyed it, as evidenced by the empty plates and happy faces.”

However, when the meal photos went viral on Twitter, the school then sent another email apologizing and offering parents a refund, the West Sussex County Times reported.

In a letter to parents, the school said the Christmas lunch was not up to par due to unforeseen supply chain issues and staff shortages due to COVID.

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