Sea, sky and season in our latest audience photo gallery

Eugene Howell writes: “The rugged coastline of Grates Cove, one of the windiest spots in Conception Bay North, is battered by the beautiful waves creating a magnificent view. (Submitted by Eugene Howell)

As the colors of fall begin to burn the leaves across the province, our audiences had their eyes on some truly stunning September skies in this week’s photo gallery.

From crashing waves to mirror-still ponds and the last summer sun, you can see the changing seasons in every photo we received.

Find out how you can send us your own photos below!

Photographer Barry Langdon used long exposure for this shot at Rattle Falls on the Bonavista Peninsula. (Submitted by Barry Langdon)

Day gives way to night in this drone shot of the Humber Valley on what photographer David Hebbard has described as a “perfect evening.” (Submitted by David Hebbard)

Squeeze the last bit of summer sun from a day’s sailing on Conception Bay. (Submitted by Greg Horner)

The glassy stillness of the water in the first light of dawn in Terra Nova. (Submitted by Peter Stacey)

The bright flowers that overflow from the watering hole in Bowring Park seem like summer’s last refuge from the fall colors that surround them. (Submitted by Lisa Lowe)

Linda Kenny captured this incredible sunrise over Fermuse on September 29. (Submitted by Linda Kenny)

Fall is here, Halloween is fast approaching despite the summer weather and few things show it better than this pumpkin patch on a farm in Conception Bay South. (Submitted by Qin Chen)

Want to share a photo?

Here’s how to contact us: send an email to [email protected] This is an address for photo submissions from anywhere in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Here’s what we need from you: your name, where the photo was taken, and a caption that tells us what’s in the image. We encourage you to add any information you think our readers would appreciate!

We share the photos we receive here, and we could also use them on Here Now every weekday evening during Ashley Brauweiler’s weather segments, as well as our Facebook page, our Twitter feed and on our Instagram account. And we always give credit.

Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we cannot respond to everyone.

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