Sea to Sky Hockey Players Pick Up Wins

Two local hockey teams managed to score victories in their respective competitions.

A pair of wins for local hockey, as the Squamish Eagles U11A and Sea to Sky Bears U18A picked up wins in their respective competitions.

On March 9, the Squamish Minor Hockey Association announced that the Squamish Eagles U11A hockey team had taken the big win in Final 4.

Eagles head coach Danny Brooks called Squamish’s “very personal Mighty Ducks story” development.

Over the weekend of March 5-7, the team entered the round-robin playoff series as the only team to play Vol 2 all season, but as the only team in a Tier 3 association, Brooks said in a written statement.

In a winning streak, the Raptors – who, in addition to Brooks, were also led by assistant coaches Dave Marrow, Rick Moore, Elliott Moses and manager Carly Simmons – were able to claim victory against three other teams.

During the series, they went 3-0 against Burnaby, 5-3 against Vancouver and 6-4 against North Vancouver.

The efforts of local athletes have paid off.

Captain Easton Brooks and alternate captains Brahmjot Hundal and Langdon Moore helped set the pace for the team.

Simon Marrow, Sam Moses, Hank Hollander, Cameron Moore, Lucas Scorda, Hayden Mercier, Blake Hutchinson, Cody Simmons, Rory Wolfs, Tosh Richie and Noah Philips dominated the ice.

Goaltender Leo LaFramboise helped stifle other teams’ scoring ability.

“Playing against these teams was a steep mountain to climb, but they made it,” Brooks said in a written statement. “As a coach, I couldn’t be prouder of these kids, and it was an honor to coach these boys to the top.”

The series was not to be easy. The Eagles’ other three opponents in the series – at least on paper – were the favorite groups going into the competitions.

The Vancouver A2 Thunderbirds, Burnaby Minor A2 Bulldogs and North Vancouver Minor A2 all played in Vol 1 through January and come from Tier 2 associations, Brooks said.

The Squamish team’s previous meetings with the other groups had not gone as planned.

“The Eagles only met these teams a few times during the regular season and couldn’t win any of those meetings,” Brooks said.

However, there was a silver lining to the challenge.

“Being the underdog in this playoff pushed this young team to compete at the next level,” Brooks said.

“Their heart and determination led them to sweep the series and claim the title of U11A playoff champions.”

However, that wasn’t the only good news in hockey.

The Sea to Sky Bears managed to pick up the win in the President’s Series on March 8.

Manager Wendy Kearns Moore wrote in an email that the Bears U18A team won the series with a 3-0 win over North Delta.

During the games, the Bears racked up an impressive record of five wins and a tie.

“The Bears would like to thank all of their fans and sponsors for their support throughout the season,” Kearns Moore said. “Special thanks to our five graduating players – Chadd Pereverzoff, Jaxon Cooper, Logan Anderson, Kai Bacon and Marcus Remple.”

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