She is found! ‘Guardian Angel’ Who Rescued Stroke Man on Street Says No Thanks | UK News

A man in search of the “guardian angel” who saved her life when he suffered a stroke in the street has reconnected with her.

A “kind-faced” nurse called Dani or Danielle noticed that Mathew O’Toole was having a stroke while he was throwing up and sweating and she stopped to help him.

She called an ambulance and he survived, spending only five days in the hospital.

The 47-year-old man and his wife Georgina took to social media for help getting in touch with the woman so they could thank her, after the Wigmore Street incident in central London .

Ms O’Toole said: “A friend of hers saw the article and got in touch on LinkedIn, and said, you don’t know me but I know Danielle and that’s her email address.

Mathew O’Toole with his wife Georgina and their two children

“I sent her a quick email last night to verify that she was the right Danielle, and she said yes, and she has been worried ever since about what happened to her and was really happy to know he was going. good.

“She said there was no need for thanks, but it would be great to have a phone conversation when we have a little time. She came across as a very lovely person, by email as well. than in person. “

Mr O’Toole told Sky News he had no idea he was suffering from a stroke at the time and during his ordeal he could speak normally “but I felt so dizzy and so nauseous and I was throwing up all over the place and it was just awful. “

He described his guardian angel as “just a really warm and heartwarming voice.”

Since launching his appeal to find the woman who helped, the couple have been inundated with messages.

Ms O’Toole said: “A lot of people said, yes my partner or my husband or my dad threw up and people didn’t realize what it was, and some people said it was diagnosed. mistakenly like dizziness.

Mathew O'Toole
Mr O’Toole said he “felt so dizzy and nauseous and was throwing up all over the place”

“Unfortunately, some of the people who contacted me on Twitter, their loved ones did not survive and it really brings him home.

“While we know the common side effects of a stroke, there can be many symptoms including vomiting, double vision, spinning and nausea, and I want to make this clear and make sure no one don’t miss it. “

Mr. O’Toole spends Father’s Day with his wife and sons Thomas and William, Thomas promising to make his father’s breakfast in bed.

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