Sky deliveries could soon be heading to North Carolina

(QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Imagine having your prescriptions delivered right to your door, by a drone? A collaboration between two contracting industries means sky deliveries could soon be the case for North Carolina.

“Once you bring something that was thought impossible to the people, they expect it and we are really excited to do it together in the United States,” said Mostafa Kama, CEO of Magellan Rx Management.

On Tuesday, healthcare company Magellan Rx Management announced a collaboration with Zipline International, a drone delivery company, to launch an air delivery service from Kannapolis.

“It has been a phenomenal partnership to come together and bring self-sustaining delivery to such an important part of healthcare,” Kama said.

Sky deliveries are not a new concept for Zipline. The company says that every four minutes a delivery is made to communities around the world.

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In 2020, the company expanded its presence in North Carolina by building a distribution center in Kannapolis.

“I mean, I think any North Carolina could say ‘first in flight,’ but North Carolina has always had this aviation tradition of being on the cutting edge and really being innovative,” said Zipline General Counsel Connor French.

With a wingspan of ten feet, Zips can fly at around 60 miles per hour and carry up to four pounds. Customers would place an order through Magellan and specify when they want delivery.

“The Zip would then fly and drop that in their front or back yard or other similar area within that delivery window and most deliveries could be completed in 15 to 30 minutes,” French said.

Company executives say the project reduces delivery time, energy and additional costs associated with patients who do not take their medications as prescribed.

“Being able to meet patients where they are, giving them more control over their health and how they get their prescription drugs, we believe is going to create a seismic shift in the industry in the way people think about taking care of themselves and the delivery of their medicine,” Kama said.

The companies expect the project to launch this year, pending FAA approval.

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