Sky Glass version: the only thing you need to check before buying this TV

Sky Glass is now officially on sale with this smart TV offering a whole new way to tune in to your favorite shows. No more need to drill a dish into your walls and you don’t even need a separate set-top box obstructing your living room with everything you need to watch sports, entertainment and movies neatly stored in the colorful case of this TV.

That means you simply unbox it, plug in a single power cable, and you’re good to go with Sky, even packing a Dolby Atmos compatible soundbar under the display to help enhance the sound. Just like Sky Q, there is full access to all Sky services as well as integration with Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Disney +.

You can even watch TV in other rooms through a gadget called Sky Puck which brings Sky’s service to any additional TVs you already own.

It’s clearly a great new way to watch TV, especially if you don’t want a satellite dish installed outside your home. has seen this new TV before and you can read our full first impressions of Sky Glass here

Now, before you rush off to hit the command button, there is one thing you should be aware of. Without a satellite dish, Sky had to find another way to deliver content to lounges and chose to use the UK’s broadband network as the best solution.

This means that anyone looking to switch to Sky Glass will need to make sure their internet speed is up to scratch.

The minimum Sky Glass needs to stream content is 10 Mbps, which seems pretty reasonable. Most UK homes are now at least 70 Mbps, which should easily cope with streaming standard HD content on Sky Glass.

However, that doesn’t tell the whole story.

Start trying to watch ultra-sharp 4K UHD and then you will need speeds of around 25Mbps and things will get worse once you start adding Sky Pucks around the house as they will all consume your tape. busy.

This means that if you watch football in 4K and your kids tune in to Disney + and Netflix in other rooms while someone else is trying to make a Zoom call, you may find things start to stutter. unless you have much faster broadband.

If you didn’t already know, your broadband cable is a lot like a freeway – the more traffic along it, the slower things can get.

This is why it is essential to verify that your speeds are good enough before you start adding additional Sky Glass and Sky Pucks to your online shopping cart.

Sky says it will guide customers through the recommended speeds when ordering with the company explaining on its website that “Sky Glass works on broadband, so no Sky antenna is needed.

“Recommended minimum broadband speeds apply and may change based on your plan. We will recommend them to you prior to placing your order.

“You might need faster speeds to get the best experience. Especially when watching UHD or streaming to multiple devices at the same time with the Whole Home bundle.”

If you have a busy house and want to watch 4K content in multiple rooms, it seems like speeds of around 100Mbps or more are needed for a seamless experience. has rounded up some of the best deals for these faster speeds with all the details below.

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