Sky might let you watch TV WITHOUT a TV because it teases a “magic” ad

SKY is set to host a major press event – and could launch an “internet powered” box.

This would mean that you could watch Sky TV WITHOUT having a satellite dish in your home.


Sky already offers Internet service on TV in GermanyCredit: Ciel

The mystery event is around three weeks away, but it’s already being teased by Sky.

In an invitation sent to The Sun, Sky said: “The magic is coming …”.

The event is scheduled to take place on the morning of October 7.

But Sky is silent about what awaits him.

Popular gadget site Pocket plush suggested that Sky could advertise an internet-powered Sky box.

Today’s Sky boxes use the internet to stream content, but a satellite dish is required for full service and setup.

Sky already offers an internet TV service called Sky Go, but it requires an existing Sky service to work.

It is important to note that Sky offers a full TV package only on the Internet, but it is only available in Germany.

It is quite possible that a similar product will be launched in the UK.

Installing a Sky dish is not always ideal.

Some people don’t like their appearance and others are unable to fit them.

And having to make changes to your property just to watch TV feels like a relic of the past.

The German service is a full Sky Q offer, albeit via the Internet.

This means that you can still watch regular channels and even record content.

And you still have access to the same catch-up, on-demand apps like Netflix and Disney +.

Of course, it’s not clear whether Sky would announce a similar or identical product here.

There’s also no word on pricing, so it could be cheaper, cheaper, or the same as the satellite option.

Sky will reveal more of their plans on October 7 – and The Sun will report live on what’s going on.

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