Sky News Channel crew shot while reporting from Ukraine

Reporting in Ukraine remains a dangerous task for journalists, as British outlet Sky News Channel is the latest to see their journalist attacked near the capital, Kyiv.

In video footage provided by Sky News chief correspondent Stuart Ramsay and four others in his unit traveling by car around Bucha with “trusted contacts in the town who told us it was quiet and promised to show us the convoy and tell us what had happened.”

“The people of Ukraine are under attack from the air, from artillery, from ground troops and from grabs. The debris of this war litters every street,” Ramsay said before chaos ensued.

“But the government has been warning for days of Russian saboteurs, who have infiltrated the country to spread terror. Death squads attacking civilians in their cars as they flee. They exist as we have discovered.

Suddenly, gunshots are heard as the camera jumps. “Something exploded below us,” said a voice inside the car. “Stop!” someone else shouted as the gunfire increased rapidly. The glass shattered and covered the floor.

Ramsay said they thought it was a Ukrainian checkpoint and a mistake they were getting shot at, so the crew identified themselves as a reporter.

“Somehow we have to get through this, but the rounds keep coming,” Ramsay continued. “It’s a professional ambush. Bullets just don’t miss.

The five members of the Sky News Channel crew got out of the car and drove to safety, seeking shelter in a warehouse where three guards housed them inside.

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