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Jenson Button, Gary Lineker, Kelly Cates, Alan Shearer, Gary Neville, Micah Richards, Gabby Logan, Ebony-Rainford-Brent, Jamie Carragher, Jermaine Jenas, Jamie Redknapp and Nasser Hussain among BBC Sport and Sky Sports pundits in a new video to fight hate and abuse online

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Sky Sports and BBC pundits join forces to unite against online hate

Sky Sports and BBC pundits join forces to unite against online hate

“Hate and abuse online is ruining lives.”

The words are spoken by former F1 world champion Jenson Button but the sentiment is shared by the biggest names on Sky Sports and BBC Sport screens in a video collaboration that renews the two organizations’ commitment to fight hate and abuse online.

Gary Lineker, Alex Scott, Gabby Logan and other famous faces of BBC Sport join Button, Ebony Rainford-Brent, Gary Neville and many more from Sky Sports in the new video aimed at people who post hateful content.

Hit play on the video above to see their united post.

Both at Sky and the BBC, we love sports, and with that, we love the rivalries that sports bring – but in this video – we put our on-screen rivalry aside to unite in the fight against a cause we both believe passionately.

Sky Sports General Manager Rob Webster says the power of a united voice sends a clear message to abusers.

He said: “The collective influence of our two organizations coming together is a powerful moment to drive behavior change online and show that hate will not win. Sky Sports and BBC Sport reach a large combined audience and our message is loud and clear – enough is enough. “

Director of BBC Sport Barbara Slater said: “We are delighted that Sky has joined us in the sequel to Hate Won’t Win to show that online abuse is just unacceptable. By partnering with Sky, we hope to spread the message even more. that our social media accounts have a zero tolerance policy for hate messages. If we’re on the same team, the hate won’t win. “

Tony Burnett, CEO of Kick It Out, said: “It’s great to see broadcasters joining our fight to tackle hate online and use their platforms to make a difference. Social media has become a vehicle for inappropriate behavior at the societal level and some people think it is okay to send abusive messages.

“We need to make sure that we create an environment in which online abuse is punished and has real-world consequences. It is important that we remain focused on the well-being of those who play, watch and work in football, and suffer abuse, and we will continue to offer our support to those in need.

“We also ask fans, especially when they return to pitches across the country, to support the players in the position they choose to take in the fight against discrimination. Football belongs to everyone.”

Hate will not win

Sky Sports is committed to making and our channels on social media platforms a place for comment and debate free from abuse, hatred and blasphemy.

For more information, please visit:

If you see a response to Sky Sports messages and / or content with an expression of hate on the basis of the expression of hate on the basis of race, sex, color, gender, nationality, ethnicity, disability, religion, sexuality , age or class, please copy the hater’s URL Post and capture it and email us here.

Kick It Out Signaling Racism

Online Report Form | Kick It Out

Kick It Out is the football for equality and inclusion organization – which works across the football, education and community sectors to fight discrimination, encourage inclusive practices and campaign for change. positive.

We are committed to trying to make the Sky Sports website and our channels on social media platforms a place for comment and debate free from abuse, hate and profanity.

Sky Sports will use the power of its reach and voice to highlight the extent of hate and abuse online and the damage it can inflict on people.

We will seek to remove as many abusive and hateful comments posted on and our channels on social media platforms as possible.

We will block users who bring hate in our comments sections on our website and our channels on social media platforms.

We will report hate and abuse to social media platforms

We will report the most serious cases to the competent authorities

We strive to make our channels respectful places where sports conversations thrive

We will continue to commission journalism that highlights social injustices and inequalities in sport

We will work with social media platforms and policy makers to make their platforms safer and more respectful

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