Sky TV Upgrades: How To Get The Most Out Of Existing Customer Offerings And Add-Ons

Sky TV upgrades might not have been something you thought or knew when you found one of the best Sky TV deals and signed up. But now you’re a paying Sky customer, which means you can qualify for even more add-ons and offers. From adding more channels to getting a better price on packages, there are plenty of great options.

Read on to see our Q&A which cover all the details of Sky TV upgrades.

When can I upgrade my Sky TV package?

Once you’ve signed up for Sky TV and everything is up and running, it’s possible to get these Sky TV upgrades. Maybe you’ve signed up for a basic plan and now want to add Sky Cinema or Sky Sports channels to your monthly plan – these are options you can add as an existing customer.

Sometimes it can pay off to play it cool, as Sky will provide you with offers as a customer, which can be found online, specially tailored for you. So it could save money by asking Sky to offer you the offer rather than going to the company for it, potentially.

How do I upgrade my Sky TV package?

The best way to start the Sky TV upgrade process is to go online and log into your Sky account. All upgrade offers will be listed here for you to select. These can change, so it’s worth checking back monthly to see what you’re eligible to receive.

The other option is to call Sky and talk to someone about the upgrade. This can be a way to get a good price on a new package, for example. These call managers may be able to lower the prices and offer extras, so showing an interest and hoping that more to entice you is a good attitude to take.

Once you’ve chosen your upgrade, it should take around 24 hours for it to be up and running on your account.

What Sky TV upgrades are available?

If you have opted for the basic Sky TV package, there are several upgrade options available to you. Some of the channel packages include Sky Cinema, Sky Sports, and Sky Kids. High definition viewing can also be added as a monthly supplement, if you don’t already have it as part of your plan.

Netflix Premium is another add-on that is offered to Sky Q customers as part of their £ 5 per month extra offer, so it’s worth checking out if this is right for you.

Sky also offers broadband and smartphone offers. You may be able to benefit from Sky Mobile and Sky Broadband in order to save money on your TV deals, for example. So if you’re planning on changing either of these, make sure you get plenty of Sky to get around.

Where to find existing Sky TV customer offers

Head to Sky and log into your account using your Sky iD. You will then see all of the upgrade options that are available to you at that time. It’s worth keeping a bookmark so that you can come back and check back regularly.

If you are already signed in to your account, select the profile icon at the top right. Then you will see a Rewards section at the top of the menu options that you can select to be considered for the offers that are presented to you.

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