Sky View coach arrested for texting undercover cop posing as 13-year-old

Logan, Utah– A Sky View High School football coach was arrested on Thursday after an inappropriate lengthy text conversation with an undercover officer posing as a 13-year-old girl.

The football manager, identified as Jorge Alejandro Cruz, began messaging the undercover agent in December on a popular online messaging app. Cruz, 48, contacted the officer and claimed to be a 15-year-old boy.

He asked the “girl’s” age and the officer said she was in eighth grade. According to court documents, “Jorge [Cruz] went on to say that he was ok to talk with me and that he would not tell anyone that I was young.

Immediately afterwards, Cruz asked the undercover officer sexual questions and demanded sex acts.

In the months that followed, Cruz continued to engage in conversations with this police officer and often asked for nude photos.

“I repeated that I was 13 years old.” Despite this knowledge, Cruz shared several nude photos and videos with the officer.

“Last night I had a girl touching [me] after our game,” Cruz said in a post. He seemed nervous about the nature of the cat and often mentioned the age difference.

“Jorge told me I was young and he could be in trouble,” court documents say. A few times, Cruz mentioned his fear and distrust of talking to an officer.

“Jorge told me he thinks I’m a ‘cyber cop,'” police say in court documents. The conversation ended that day with Jorge telling me “let’s not talk about sex at all”. I told Jorge it was fine with me.

However, Cruz didn’t stop. The messages became increasingly graphic as Cruz began sharing what he wanted to do with the 13-year-old and committed to meet on February 8-9, but never showed up.

Police, using the pseudonym of the account linked to the email, connected the identity to Cruz.

“I also found out that Jorge is a youth soccer coach for several teams, including at a local high school,” the officer said.

Cruz has been a coach at Sky View High School for five years and led them to a 4A championship in 2019. He was interviewed and admitted he had been an app user, but denied any involvement or messaging with a underage girl. .

When police began reading the messages back to him, he said: ‘Jorge said it rang a bell, but he still couldn’t remember it well. Cruz “denied exchanging explicit images or videos with [the officer]and stated that he “is not interested in minors”.

“Cruz is a youth soccer coach for several teams, including a local high school and. Due to Jorge’s position as a soccer coach, he is in a position of trust for several minors in the community. and has easy access to them,” the documents state.

Cruz was jailed on four counts of trafficking material harmful to a minor and three counts of incitement to a minor. He is being held without bail.

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