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Ben Schnetzer as Yorick in Y: The Last Man (Rafy Winterfeld / FX)

The Apocalypse is a pretty busy place these days.

The walking dead the franchise has three series running, there are more zombies on the loose in Country Z and Black summer, viral horrors linked to Netflix Sweet tooth, and patriarchal horrors abound The Handmaid’s Tale.

So you have to do something special to stand out in today’s end-of-the-world marketplace, and luckily that’s exactly what the graphic novel adaptation Y: The last man offers.

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Based on DC’s stunning Brian K Vaughan comic, this fabulous and ironic ride – launched on Disney + Star on September 22 – follows the adventures of Yorick, the last guy standing after all other men, humans or animals have died. . If you have a Y chromosome, basically: you’re screwed.

Y: The last man -

Diane Lane as Jennifer Brown in Y: The Last Man (Rafy Winterfeld / FX)

Aside from the eternal loser and useless budding magician Yorick (Ben Schnetzer) and his monkey friend Ampersand who – for some reason – survived the end of half the world.

Getting rid of (almost) entirely of a gender, like upside-down misogynist madman Thanos, creates a brilliant and confrontational world, and an (almost) all-female cast makes the show feel so fresh and original.

But it’s the characters that make this series stand out. Yorick himself appears to be exactly the kind of aimless underachiever who would fight his way through the apocalypse, and the battle lines drawn by the surviving women are incredible.

Y: The last man -

Y: The Last Man – “The Day Beforeâ ???? – Season 1, Episode 1 (aired September 13) – Pictured: (L to R) Juliana Canfield as Beth Deville, Ben Schnetzer as Yorick Brown CR: Rafy Winterfeld / FX

When a right-wing president and his Conservative leadership are wiped out overnight, it’s his biggest political opponent, Liberal MP Jennifer Brown (Diane Lane), who takes over in order of succession.

But she faces immediate opposition and suspicion from Kimberly, daughter and adviser to the president in the style of Ivanka Trump, played by Amber Tamblyn, who has just lost her father, husband and sons.

Operating in the shadows, the mysterious Agent 355 (Ashley Romans) has vowed to serve the President, whoever he is, and is one of the most enigmatic and interesting characters you’ll see on TV this year.

Y: The last man -

Y: The Last Man – “Would the World Be Kindâ ???? – Season 1, Episode 2 (aired September 13) – Pictured: Olivia Thirlby as Hero Brown. CR: Rafy Winterfeld / FX

Meanwhile, on the streets, chaos, scarcity of water, food and power sets in as society comes to a halt with each male-dominated workforce suddenly decimated, and the search begins. for Yorick’s girlfriend and his troubled sister Hero, played by Olivia Thirlby.

An original and endearing look at the end of the world, Y: The last man is funny, horrible and very, very smart.

The best apocalypse shows offer a look at today’s society through an extreme lens. Representing a deeply divided world, severely affected by a sudden health-related crisis, this hits modern life too well.

Don’t miss it.

Y: The last man, airing via Star on Disney + in the UK, will launch with the first three episodes on September 22, with new episodes every Wednesday.

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