TalkTalk full-fiber broadband users to get a whole new Sky Q rival

TalkTalk will offer some broadband customers the option to switch to a new TV provider next month. From October, TalkTalk will partner with Netgem to offer a new decoder and a selection of channels to its customers. Unlike Sky Q, Netgem does not rely on a satellite dish, but simply plugs into your broadband connection.

Since Netgem broadcasts everything over your Internet connection, the TV box will not be available to those on slower TalkTalk broadband plans. The company will insist that only ultra-fast full-fiber subscribers can add the new set-top box to their monthly plan. Integral fiber, which is slowly replacing aging copper infrastructure across the UK, delivers speeds up to 15 times faster than older connections.

To access these faster speeds, customers will need to live in an area with upgraded infrastructure. According to a recent report, around half of all homes in the UK are powered by faster full fiber connections. However, that’s only half the battle – customers will have to pay more each month to access those ridiculous download speeds, as all broadband providers charge more for the higher speeds.

If you’re familiar with the Netgem brand, it’s probably because the internet-powered TV company already works with a number of broadband providers, including Pure Telecom and Community Fiber. Netgem has some 175 channels – all broadcast over the internet – including BBC Alba, Virgin One, Crime + Investigation, History, National Geographic and MTV, to name a few.

The box also comes with built-in support for 35 apps, including Amazon Prime, BritBox, All4, ITV Hub, YouTube, BBC iPlayer, and BT Sport.

The company’s latest generation hardware arrives with support for crisp Ultra HD (4K) picture quality, so you’ll be able to stream the latest must-have blockbuster box sets and blockbuster movies in the highest quality available now. Prices for a basic TV package will start from £ 4 for TalkTalk customers, it has been confirmed.

There’s no word on an exact release date, but we’ve been told to wait for more details ahead of launch for new and existing customers next month.

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