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Tipperary footballer Teddy Doyle discusses his decision to leave his hometown club Templenoe in Kerry and get started with Tipperary, and explains why the Premier League is going all out for the Tailteann Cup

Last update: 24/05/22 10:38

Teddy Doyle and Tipperary prepare for their Tailteann Cup opener against Carlow

Growing up in Templenoe in Kerry, playing inter-county football with Tipperary was never on the agenda for Teddy Doyle.

But after making Premier County his home through marriage and his job as a Garda, Doyle decided to go after the David Power charges.

“Yeah the first year with Tipp. I left my club in Kerry, I was with Templenoe with Kerry all my life but I married a lady Tipp in January,” he explained.

“I’ve been living in Tipp for a few years and I’ve been traveling for six or seven years. So I’ve decided time is running out, it’s not on my side. David Power gave me the chance to I came with Tipp so i said i would take it and see where it goes.

“It is and it is not [strange to represent Tipperary]. I never played for Kerry, so I don’t have that to look back on. It was good excitement to put on an inter-county shirt and play inter-county football and put yourself at the highest level possible. It was weird, but I’m a Tipp man now. I live in Tipp and I will adopt the colors of Tipp.

“I have a man from Clare to thank for offering me the gig with Tipp. Joe Hayes was a coach with Tipp. I was playing with the Sigerson team at Garda College when Joe Hayes was involved with them.

“He offered my name to David Power and the management team there. That’s where it came from. I trained with them and that’s how it started, that was when Joe was with Tipperary last year. Luckily David kept me on that year and so far so good.”

And the avowed “blowing” was welcomed with open arms.

“I guess it was love at first sight, but I’m really here to try and push myself as far as I can,” he continued.

“They could see it once I arrived. I had a good attitude and conducted my business in the right way. They were very welcoming that way. There is a great team and management team there, so it was quite easy to make the transition to the daunting as it can be, I still found it quite easy, they made it easy for me.

Doyle in action against Waterford during the Munster Championship

Doyle in action against Waterford during the Munster Championship

However, it was not a decision without challenges. And leaving his home club wasn’t easy.

“It’s probably the hardest thing I’ve done. Leaving your club is obviously something no guy ever wants to do, but that’s life,” he said.

“I wasn’t doing myself justice, I don’t think, playing with my club the way I did. The commute was too heavy. I wasn’t training as often as possible and I just couldn’t keep going.” It was hard to leave but I have a new club at Ballina in Tipperary.

“To be honest, even before I started playing with them, they were very welcoming, inviting me to training sessions and whatever was going on at the club. I’m lucky to have found a new club in Ballina.”

Doyle in action for his club Templenoe in the 2016 All-Ireland Junior Club Championship Final

Doyle in action for his club Templenoe in the 2016 All-Ireland Junior Club Championship Final

Doyle isn’t the only man from Templenoe to don the shirt for another county outside the Kingdom.

Pat Spillane joined Sligo this year and the pair met on the pitch during the National League.

“I spoke to Pat earlier in the year. We crossed paths in the league, we played them at Thurles,” Doyle said.

“I spoke to him after the game. It’s about playing football at the highest level that you can play. Pat had the opportunity to play with Sligo. It’s definitely something that we can relate to and that we can talk. It’s good to see guys do something like that, you always want to push yourself as far as you can go.

“To be fair to Pat, he’s been doing this with Sligo. He’s done well in New York and I hope I can continue to do the same with Tipp.”

Doyle's teammate Pat Spillane represents Sligo

Doyle’s teammate Pat Spillane represents Sligo

For now, he’s putting his shoulder to the wheel as Tipp chase silverware in the Tailteann Cup, following their Munster semi-final loss to Limerick.

“Losing to Limerick was not planned, but it’s good to have something to bounce back from now in the Tailteann Cup. We have a few weeks to regroup and see where we are. It’s more football from championship in the summer,” he said.

“It’s an open competition. Everyone would give themselves a chance to go far in the competition and we are no different.

“We all have the same mindset that it’s a good competition, a good opportunity to play Championship football in the summer. There’s that incentive there that everyone wants to play at Croke Park. The halfbacks -finals and the final are set there and hopefully we can get a good performance in the first round and see where we go next.”

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