The best SIM deals with EE, O2, Tesco, Sky etc that can help you save £156 a year

According to a latest study, staying on phone contracts longer than necessary can cost hundreds of dollars a year. Mobile operator idMobile, part of the Currys family, has carried out research which shows that a third of consumers could save an average of £156 a year by switching providers.

Staying in mobile phone contracts and not looking for better deals can cost Britons hundreds, and currently there are many phone users who continue to pay excessive sums through a monthly tariff for a long time, even after have paid to call them.

Upgrading to a better deal or dropping the contract for a SIM-only deal can help save those extra pennies, and with financial pressures growing across the board, many will be looking for inventive new ways to save. Research by idMobile also revealed that 53% of consumers feel they are paying too much for their mobile plan, while 76% would consider switching to a lesser-known network if they could save up to £13-15. £ per month on their plan. .

Their findings also claimed that around 18% of phone users don’t know when their mobile phone contract is ending, and a further 18% would rather not upgrade their handset or switch networks because they think it’s too much. complicated, but iDMobile said f-phone users keep their handsets after their contract ends and convert to a SIM-only contract, then they could significantly reduce their monthly phone bill.

With every cellphone provider in the market offering unlimited calls and texts on SIM-only plans, the amount of data and length of contract are the main factors that determine the price. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the most popular phone providers that offer the best SIM deals below:

mobile id

By going SIM only with mobile idthe company says customers could save an average of £13 per month. They promise new customers a range of benefits such as data transfer, roaming in 50 destinations and the UK’s fastest 5G, powered by Three.

A SIM contract only for one month with iD Mobile, customers will get 4GB of data plus unlimited calls and texts for just £6, but their twelve month plan offers the same price, calls and texts with a slightly increased data allowance of 5 GB. twenty-four month SIM-only contract will include unlimited data, calls and texts for just £16.

The company also offers other monthly packages with variable data allowances ranging from 8GB up to unlimited GB between £7 and £18 per month.


On SIM-only deals with EE, phone users can get one-, 12-, and 24-month plans with unlimited texting and calling, super-fast 5G (as long as the phone makes it easy), and they can also share data with loved ones. The cost of the plan depends on the amount of data needed, but customers will save money by subscribing to a SIM-only plan for 24months the cheapest option being £14 for 1GB of data and the most expensive at £35 for unlimited data.

If buyers took a 12 months sim, the cheapest deal would be £13 for just 250MB of data, and the most expensive being £37 for unlimited data. For a a month sim, the high price of £18 will only get you 250MB of data, and most of the data they offer on the one-month plans, which is 100GB, will cost you £34.


O2 is the only major network that is not reintroducing EU roaming charges up to 25GB

As the only major network that isn’t reintroducing EU roaming charges up to 25GB, O2 could be a good option for those who spend time traveling in Europe. Moreover, all of O2’s SIM-only plans are configured for 5Gcustomers will just need to let the company know if their device is 5G ready, and they’ll make sure they get a 5G SIM card.

the cheapest deal they offer is £5 for 5GB of data, with the additional offer of Disney+ free for a month. For an extra £4 a month, customers can get 15GB of data and three months free Disney+ for £15.

Just like other providers, the twelve-month and one-month deals aren’t as good value, with the cheapest deals monthly deal being £20 for 1GB and the cheapest annual deal being £12 for 1GB.


Vodafone is currently offering a 24 month half price offer, unlimited data, sim contracts only if purchased before April 26. The problem is that the offer only lasts the first six months of the contract, and from the seventh month, customers will be forced to pay the full price again.

the cheapest and fastest offer costs just £16 for the first six months, before hitting the price of £32 in the seventh month. Other twenty-four month contracts are priced at £11 for just 1GB of data. There is no offer on monthly contracts, at the steep price of £24 for 1GB, nor annual contracts, which are priced at £12 for 1GB.


Tesco Mobile offers some of the best prices around
Tesco Mobile offers some of the best prices around

Tesco mobile offers some of the best sim only deals on the market. For just £11 a month with a Clubcard, or £12.50 a month without, customers can access 30GB of data, plus unlimited calls and texts and EU roaming for 24 months .

As we have seen so far, other providers offer 12 and 1 month contracts for a much more expensive rate. Tesco mobile, however, does not offer one-month contracts at all, and their 12 monthly contracts are still more reasonably priced than others we’ve seen at £11 for 12GB.


Giffgaff, known as “the mobile network managed by you”, sells recurring SIM card plans without any contracts. Their website showcases their ‘ Golden goodybags ‘, which include more data than their usual plans, and they are priced at: £10 for 15GB, £15 for 30GB, £20 for 100GB and £35 for unlimited data.

Always great value, the hassle-free company also sells many other bespoke packages to meet the needs of all their customers, starting as low as £6 for 1GB.


Plusnet offer three SIM cards only, and all are a continuing contract and reasonably priced. Their best deal for data and the most expensive deal is £10 for 25GB of data. They also offer 12GB of data for £8 and 4GB of data for £6. Moreover, if you are a Plusnet customer, you are right to an additional 2 GB on each of the three offers, making your SIM-only plan even better.

moving sky

Sky-Mobile spring sales offers a free 6GB data boost when customers buy 14GB for just £14 a month. That works out to £20 for just £14.

Other sky offers run as cheap as £7 for 3GB and increase the price to £25 for 30GB. With features in the My Sky app that allow you to change your plan to suit your data needs whenever you want, you You can customize the price and data usage of your SIM card on the go. Additional features that would benefit customers are their data transfer policy, which allows them to transfer all reserve data to the next month for up to three years.


Three offer a similar offer to Vodafone, which promises to save customers half off their phone bill, but only for the first six months of their 24-month contract. This means, according to their agreement, that customers will only pay £6 for 12GB of data for the first six months, followed by £12 per month for the rest of the contract.

Their other offers seem to be better than Vodafone’s. One of their 24-month plans offers an impressive 100GB of data for the low price of just £16. The offer includes a personal hotspot so you can share your data with friends or connect another device, and you can get a 5G-ready SIM card at no extra cost.

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